The Food Hospital

    • Series 1 Episode 1

      The Food Hospital examines the science behind using food as medicine. The doctors meet a woman with extreme polycystic ovary syndrome and a seven-year-old with terrible migraines.

    • Series 1 Episode 2

      The doctors meet Karen and her six-year-old son, Callum, whose lives are both blighted by psoriasis. Karen fears her son will get bullied like she has been because his lesions are so noticeable.

    • Series 1 Episode 3

      The Food Hospital experts treat a 19-year-old dancer with Crohn's Disease, an ex-soldier with a sleep disorder, and a man whose sperm needs a boost if he's to become a father.

    • Series 1 Episode 4

      Visitors to the Food Hospital include Garrett, who has gout, and Debbie, who's been living with depression. Can their health problems be alleviated by changing the food they eat?

    • Series 1 Episode 5

      The patients at The Food Hospital in this episode have fish odour syndrome, severe eczema and suspected gallstones. Can changing the food they eat help them deal with these conditions?

    • Series 1 Episode 6

      The experts treat Taigh, a fitness instructor who's never even eaten a vegetable; Anne, whose hot flushes are ruining her life; and Kate, whose diet could be causing her spine to fuse.

    • Series 1 Episode 7

      The visitors to the Food Hospital in this episode include Alan, a 47-year-old with life-threatening Metabolic Syndrome, and Steph, who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    • Series 1 Episode 8

      Gio helps Julie who, after incorrectly diagnosing herself with an intolerance, cut out the food that could most help with her PMS symptoms. And Ian's raw food diet may be doing him harm.