Series 2 Episode 6
First Broadcast: 8PM Wed 24 October 2012

It's all about the kids in this edition of The Food Hospital. This special episode investigates traditional party food: do sausage rolls, cakes, crisps, sweets and fizzy pop really send kids wild?

In a bid to uncover the truth, GP Gio Miletto and Dietitian Lucy Jones host a party at Plumcroft Primary School in London and the results are rather surprising.

Visitors to the Food Hospital in this episode include four-year-old Charlie from Epsom who has recently developed what doctors call a 'catastrophic' case of epilepsy.

He has up to 300 seizures a day and his parents have been told that his condition is so severe that in the future he might not be able to recognise them.

Fifteen-year-old Sam from York has Tourette's syndrome, an embarrassing condition which means he has physical tics, such as clapping and twitching, as well as vocal tics causing him to shout out words at frequent and sometimes inappropriate times.

Sam finds his condition exhausting and is often teased by his peers. He wants to find out if certain foods can reduce his symptoms.

Dr Pixie McKenna concludes her search for the heroes of the food world by looking at nature's own sports drink: milk.

With the aid of Dr Lewis James from Loughborough University, and the assistance of a local boy's football team, she's pitching water against skimmed milk to find out which rehydrates us best.

Finally, the results of the Fibre Challenge will be revealed with over 60,000 people having downloaded The Fibre Challenge App.

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