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The Company Men

Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and Ben Affleck star as men working, at varying levels of the upper echelons, for the Boston global transportation systems giant GTX, which is keen to boost its share prices. But in the middle of a recession that's not easy - so it opts for a round of redundancies in a brutal downsizing programme.

One of the first to go is sales director and family man Bobby Walker (Affleck), who's offered a lifeline by his brother-in-law, self-employed carpenter Jack Dolan (Kevin Costner), but appears too proud to take it.

And it's not long before Phil Woodward (Cooper), who has risen to lofty heights from the shopfloor, and even the company's co-founder Gene McClary (Jones) also find themselves on the wrong side of CEO James Salinger's (Craig T Nelson) balance sheet.

It's a sober look at the impact of 2008's financial implosion and relentless capitalism, with fine, nuanced performances from the leads.

(2010) Cert: 15

The Company Men synopsis

The feature debut from director John Wells (the man behind TV's ER, West Wing and Shameless USA) stars Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and Ben Affleck as three company management types about to feel the sharp end of the financial crash

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