Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 12AM Mon 7 February 1994

The Northwood Golf Club in Middlesex was established in 1892 as a 'gentlemen's club', but now has a membership including taxi drivers, shop keepers and police officers.

This Cutting Edge film, from 1994, revealed rumblings that the place was still elitist. Women were admitted in the 1930s, but Julie Parker, the Ladies Captain, was disappointed that women still didn't have equal status - on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the course was men-only and at the AGM women were not allowed to vote or speak.

Cutting Edge turns the cameras on this most English recreation - and watches what happens when the Board meets to discipline a member.

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This Cutting Edge film joins the Norwood Golf Club to watch the time-honoured rituals, meet the club's members and uncover some unpleasant wranglings, both on and off the fairways