The Cleveland Show

    • Episode 1 - BFFs

      Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Peter Griffin came to Stoolbend without telling him. So he takes his other friends on a camping trip, which turns into a dangerous hillbilly hunt-down.

    • Episode 2 - The Hurricane

      When a storm hits Stoolbend, the Brown and Tubbs families try to salvage what's left of their holidays.

    • Episode 3 - Nightmare on Grace Street

      Cleveland and Rallo worry that they're cowardly when they're sent home from respective sleepovers for getting scared.

    • Episode 4 - Skip Day

      Cleveland is embarrassed when he learns that Cleveland Jr. was the only pupil to attend school on skip day - a day where all other pupils have bunked off.

    • Episode 5 - Yemen Party

      Donna joins a women's support group and complains about how Cleveland treats her. In defiance, Cleveland dresses up as a woman and infiltrates the group.

    • Episode 6 - Sex and the Biddy

      When Rallo's elderly best friend Murray gets a new girlfriend, Rallo realises that she is after his money and tries to save him from making a mistake.

    • Episode 7 - Die Semi-Hard

      Cleveland tells the family his version of the greatest holiday-themed blockbuster ever told. Featuring a guest appearance from Huey Lewis.

    • Episode 8 - Y Tu Junior Tambien

      When Junior starts dating an attractive young lady, Cleveland becomes green with envy and suspicious of her motives.

    • Episode 9 - There Goes El Neighborhood

      Cleveland soon regrets making an offer to babysit for his popular new neighbour Choni when he ends up losing her son.

    • Episode 10 - Dancing with the Stools

      Determined to claim a trophy by coming first in an annual ballroom dancing competition, Donna recruits Cleveland Jr to be her partner

    • Episode 11 - Brown Magic

      Cleveland takes Rallo to his first magic show, where their ventriloquist performance is a hit, largely thanks to Rallo's sharp wit in the role of the puppet.

    • Episode 12 - Til Deaf

      Cleveland sneaks off with his buddies for a hunting trip behind Donna's back, but while he is away he has an accident that leaves him slightly deaf.

    • Episode 13 - Das Shrimp Boot

      Cleveland starts taking energy supplements to keep himself awake while working overtime so he can earn enough leave to go on a cruise with his family.

    • Episode 14 - March Dadness

      Cleveland takes on his dad and Cleveland Jr. at golf and Rallo purchases a fancy sports car and takes his speedy ride for a dangerous drive.

    • Episode 15 - The Men in Me

      While on a quest to understand his roots and where he came from, Cleveland is reunited with his former nanny, Barbara, and learns that happiness is being comfortable in your own skin.

    • Episode 16 - Frapp Attack

      Rallo and Cleveland Jr shoot footage of Cleveland's workplace high jinks and create a music video that goes viral, making Cleveland a household name

    • Episode 17 - American Prankster

      Rallo goes too far with one of his pranks and gets Cleveland Jr kicked out of the scouts. So Cleveland takes matters into his own hands and threatens to send Rallo to a young offenders' institution.

    • Episode 18 - B.M.O.C.

      Cleveland visits his old college for Homecoming Weekend to relive his student days. Rallo helps Cleveland Jr get used to sleeping without his beloved soft toy.

    • Episode 19 - Jesus Walks

      Cleveland Jr falls for devout choir girl Vanessa (Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas). Donna's ex-boyfriend returns from Iraq and discovers that she is married.

    • Episode 20 - Flush of Genius

      Cleveland Jr profiles his father for a social studies report on his favourite American, but then feels ashamed of his dad when he falls off the toilet

    • Episode 21 - Mama Drama

      Donna feels depressed on Mother's Day because of her estrangement from her mum, Dee Dee Tubbs, so Cleveland hires an actress to play the role

    • Episode 22 - All You Can Eat

      In the last episode of season three, Cleveland's status as the ultimate authority on his favourite snack is threatened by another junk food fan.