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Cleveland Brown, from Family Guy, waves goodbye to Peter Griffin and heads back to Virginia with his teenage son to rekindle his romance with high school sweetheart Donna in the animated sitcom

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Cleveland Brown, from Family Guy, waves goodbye to Peter Griffin and heads back to Virginia with his teenage son to rekindle his romance with high school sweetheart Donna in the animated sitcom

Series 2 Summary

In the second series of The Cleveland Show, Cleveland attempts to prove his athletic prowess, Roberta gets distracted by a new love interest, and Rallo pals around with three new friends voiced by Grammy Award winners T-Pain, and comedy legend Carl Reiner. The Brown family also hits the road, travelling the States to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Wisconsin, Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • The Cleveland Show: Rallo

    Episode 1 - Harder, Better, Faster, Browner

    In the opening episode, Cleveland takes a locally famous but struggling rapper Kenny West under his wing.

    They write a hit song together, but Cleveland is quickly forgotten when the rapper makes it big.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland with Kenny West

    Episode 2 - Cleveland Live!

    The Cleveland Show makes an animation first when it takes a behind-the-scenes look at the 'filming' of an episode.

    However, the plans are nearly derailed when a drunk and angry Roberta gets her storyline cut.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland and Donna relax in a swimming pool

    Episode 3 - How Cleveland Got His Groove Back

    When Cleveland loses his confidence, he decides to take the family on a soul-searching journey to Africa.

    However, Cleveland gets sidetracked and ends up spending a few days in Hawaii, where he has an epiphany.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland Jr in his giant pancake costume

    Episode 4 - It's the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown

    It's Halloween and Cleveland Jr can't wait to go trick-or-treating in his giant pancake outfit.

    When Cleveland sees his son in the costume he forbids him to go, telling him it's too childish.

    Cleveland Jr takes the criticism badly so Cleveland tries to make amends by reinventing Cleveland Jr as a hip teenager.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland and coach Brown

    Episode 5 - Little Man on Campus

    When Coach Brown's star pitcher is forced out for the season, Cleveland asks his friend Holt to fill in.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland Jr and Kendra

    Episode 6 - Fat and Wet

    Cleveland Jr and Kendra both feel ashamed about being large, and petition to get a bill passed to grant equal rights to heavier people.

  • The Cleveland Show: Donna

    Episode 7 - Another Bad Thanksgiving

    Cleveland is excited about Thanksgiving until he discovers that Donna's big sister Janet and her two bratty kids are coming to celebrate with them.

    Hoping to cut her visit short, Cleveland devises a plan to drive her out of town after she hooks up with his friend Holt.

    However, his plan backfires when Holt and Janet fall in love and elope to Las Vegas leaving her two unruly children behind.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland and Rallo

    Episode 8 - Murray Christmas

    When Rallo is forced to spend a weekend at a retirement home he befriends a Jewish man and learns about Hanukkah.

    Meanwhile, Donna encourages Cleveland to stand up to his father but gives him a heart attack in the process.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland on the beer walk

    Episode 9 - Beer Walk

    Donna accuses Cleveland of being lazy and uncharitable - so he starts a charity 'beer walk' to prove otherwise.

  • The Cleveland Show: Rallo

    Episode 10 - Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'

    Cleveland discovers that Rallo has a natural gift for the rodeo-like sheep-riding sport of mutton bustin'.

    However, when Donna learns how unsafe it can be, she orders them to put an end to Rallo's new hobby, forcing him and Cleveland to sneak around behind her back.

    Meanwhile, in a fit of jealousy, Cleveland Jr tries to sabotage Cleveland and Rallo's time together.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland drives the family

    Episode 11 - How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?

    After Cleveland criticises Donna's parenting skills, Donna decides to let Cleveland spend the weekend alone with Roberta.

    But when Roberta nearly loses her life in an underground street race, he realises that Donna is a good mum.

  • The Cleveland Show

    Episode 12 - Like a Boss

    When Tim becomes the manager at Waterman Cable, Cleveland feels he's going to enjoy special treatment as a result. Instead, Tim goes on a massive power trip.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland with the NBA

    Episode 13 - A Short Story and a Tall Tale

    Cleveland receives two courtside tickets to the NBA All Star game. Caught up in the excitement at the game, he starts heckling the players.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland goes for a swim

    Episode 14 - Terry Unmarried

    Cleveland discovers that not only are he and Donna not legally married, but that his best friend Terry is gay. So he takes Donna, Terry and his boyfriend Paul to Vermont for a double wedding.

    Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr tries to help Rallo break a bad habit.

  • The Cleveland Show: Tim and Cleveland play in a band

    Episode 15 - The Blue, The Gray and The Brown

    After Cleveland saves the drive-through cinema, he's headhunted by Stoolbend's Preservation Society to help the great-great-grandson of the town's founding father save its historical park.

    Late, when Cleveland hears of the town's legacy, he sets about rewriting history.

  • The Cleveland Show: Rallo

    Episode 16 - The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    Cleveland discovers that his parents are selling off his childhood possessions to the highest bidder because they've been scammed out of their life savings.

    Outraged, Cleveland and his friends try to exact revenge on the man behind the swindle.

  • The Cleveland Show: Rallo

    Episode 17 - To Live and Die in VA

    When Lester invests in Cleveland's beer truck business and loses his life savings, he is so upset that he decides to take his own life. Or does he?

    Meanwhile, Rallo is fed up of getting his hair cut by his mum and so opens his own barbershop in the kitchen.

  • The Cleveland Show: Donna in a hot air balloon

    Episode 18 - The Essence of Cleveland

    Donna becomes extremely jealous when Cleveland's old school friend 'Fatty Patty' shows up and is now skinny, beautiful and still has a crush on Cleveland.

    When Patty turns crazy and tries to steal Cleveland's 'essence', Donna goes on a mission to stop her.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland on his boat

    Episode 19 - Ship'rect

    Cleveland and his friends prepare for Stoolbend's annual boat race, but the main man finds himself in a pickle when his idol moves to town and asks him to join his boating team.

    Meanwhile, Roberta gets wrapped up in her dreams of being a superstar.

  • The Cleveland Show: Cleveland competing in the 'Coolympics'

    Episode 20 - Back to Cool

    Cleveland grows jealous when Cleveland Jr bonds with Donna's ex-husband Robert, especially as Cleveland Jr thinks Robert is much cooler than Cleveland.

    To prove how cool he is, Cleveland challenges Robert to a 'Coolympics' competition.

  • The Cleveland Show: Roberta, Donna, Cleveland Jr, Cleveland and Rallo

    Episode 21 - Your Show of Shows

    Rallo and his pals Bernard (guest voiced by and Theodore (guest voiced by T-Pain) perform in the school talent show, but their rap about fiscal responsibility is not well-received by their classmates.

    Cleveland turns to daytime TV shows for pointers when his television debut is panned by critics.

  • The Cleveland Show: Donna

    Episode 22 - Hot Cocoa Bang Bang

    Cleveland takes the family to a comic convention in an attempt to sell his comic book, Waderman.

    While there, Donna is horrified to find out that Robert Rodriguez (appearing in a cameo role) is screening a blaxploitation film that she starred in when she was younger.

    Cleveland Jr goes on his own mission to restore Comic-Con to its origins.

The Cleveland Show synopsis

Cleveland Brown, from Family Guy, waves goodbye to Peter Griffin and heads back to Virginia with his teenage son to rekindle his romance with high school sweetheart Donna in the animated sitcom

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