The Cleveland Show

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      When his divorce becomes final, Cleveland Brown and his teenage son relocate to his hometown to catch up with his childhood sweetheart Donna

    • Episode 2 - Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance

      Cleveland struggles to win over Donna's children and alienates them even further when he accidentally kills their pet dog

    • Episode 3 - The One About Friends

      Cleveland is concerned that his son is lonely and invites his neighbour's boy Ernie around to their house, but Ernie soon gets very attached to the Brown family

    • Episode 4 - Birth of a Salesman

      Tim helps Cleveland get a job but when Cleveland becomes the top salesperson, Tim gets jealous and prays for something bad to happen to him.

    • Episode 5 - Cleveland Junior's Cherry Bomb

      Cleveland is concerned that Roberta is going to lose her virginity and has a talk with her about sex. Roberta is horrified.

    • Episode 6 - Ladies' Night

      Cleveland and Donna mix with their neighbours. Donna avoids the next meet-up and instead seeks solace in her single friends who don't know she's married.

    • Episode 7 - A Brown Thanksgiving

      Cleveland is preparing to spend his first Thanksgiving with his new family when his parents, Cookie and Freight Train, turn up unexpectedly.

    • Episode 8 - From Bed to Worse

      Cleveland and Donna are looking forward to having the house to themselves when Cleveland Jr and Roberta go on a school trip to Washington, DC.

    • Episode 9 - A Cleveland Brown Christmas

      Cleveland dresses up as Father Christmas for his office Christmas party and, after one too many eggnogs, accidentally reveals the truth about Rallo's dad

    • Episode 10 - Field of Streams

      Cleveland feels nostalgic about his time on his school's baseball team. When he discovers there's no longer a school squad, he starts a new one.

    • Episode 11 - Love Rollercoaster

      Roberta is encouraged by her teacher to use her personality rather than her looks to get on in life and is persuaded to wear a fat suit

    • Episode 12 - Our Gang

      Cleveland helps a group of frustrated parents by taking their rebellious teenagers off their hands. Later, the kids come to his rescue.

    • Episode 13 - Buried Pleasure

      Holt is lonely and tells Cleveland he wants to meet someone special. Cleveland introduces him to feisty Jill - singer Fergie - who is quite a handful.

    • Episode 14 - The Curious Case of Junior Working at The Stool

      Cleveland Junior gets a job at The Stool but riles his dad when he starts monitoring the number of beers he drinks

    • Episode 15 - Once Upon a Tyne in New York

      Donna is dismayed when Cleveland invites the Stoolbend gang to tag along on their overdue honeymoon - a road trip to New York

    • Episode 16 - Brown Knight

      Cleveland and Donna are mugged at a cashpoint and Cleveland is accidentally wounded in the tussle. The story feeds back to the local news.

    • Episode 17 - Gone with the Wind

      Donna puts Cleveland on a diet after a doctor diagnoses him with high cholesterol. The new meals give him Cleveland bad wind but he finds a way to put it to good use.

    • Episode 18 - Brotherly Love

      Cleveland Junior challenges Kenny West - voiced by Kanye West - to a rap contest to win the heart of Kenny's girlfriend, Chanel. Will Junior get his girl?

    • Episode 19 - Brown History Month

      Cleveland teaches Donna and the kids about Black History Month but when Rallo hears about his heritage, he starts a fight with the neighbours

    • Episode 20 - Cleveland's Angels

      Cleveland gambles and loses Roberta's college fund. Kendra discovers that he was duped and she, Donna and Arianna go on a mission to get the money back.

    • Episode 21 - You're the Best Man Cleveland Brown

      Cleveland's parents are re-marrying and ask him to be the best man. But then his dad finds a new best man - Donna's ex-husband, Robert.