The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands

Episode Guide

Emily Horne

At the age of 30 Emily Horne has been married five times - but she never bothered to get divorced. In her wake she's left a string of confused husbands and lovers.

She's worked in the porn industry and as an 'escort', she's served one jail sentence for bigamy and was recently on trial again for the same offence.

This giddy mix of sex, deceit and betrayal is a tabloid editor's dream. But behind the lurid headlines is a darker tale of mental illness, addiction and neglect.

Emily says she wants to be in a film in order to present the truth about herself. But does she? Can we trust the testimony of a woman who has been lying all of her adult life? Her version of the truth is wildly at odds with that of the husbands, lovers and family members who appear in the film.

Shocking, dramatic and sometimes funny, this Cutting Edge film is a very modern tale of a singular young woman.