The Big Bang Theory

    • Episode 24 - The Status Quo Combustion

      With potential changes affecting his professional, domestic and social life, Sheldon is forced to confront an uncertain future and considers a major move, which worries Penny and Leonard

    • Episode 23 - The Gorilla Dissolution

      A horrible day at work prompts Penny to evaluate her life choices - including taking a big step with Leonard. Howard and Bernadette struggle to care for Mrs Wolowitz.

    • Episode 22 - The Proton Transmogrification

      Sheldon struggles to process his feelings of grief when his idol Professor Proton passes away. Leonard turns a relationship milestone into a competition with Penny.

    • Episode 21 - The Anything Can Happen Recurrence

      Penny and Leonard try to distract Sheldon from his career problems by reinstating Anything Can Happen Thursday

    • Episode 20 - The Relationship Diremption

      Sheldon faces a personal crisis when he starts to wonder whether he's wasting his time with his study of String Theory, although Penny does her best to offer him advice

    • Episode 19 - The Indecision Amalgamation

      Raj is wracked with guilt about dating Lucy and Emily at the same time, and Penny wrestles with her conscience over whether to accept a role in a terrible horror film

    • Episode 18 - The Mommy Observation

      When Sheldon pays a surprise visit to his mother in Houston, he is forced to confront a new reality

    • Episode 17 - The Friendship Turbulence

      In an attempt to improve their strained friendship, Howard invites Sheldon to fly to Houston with him on a visit to Nasa

    • Episode 16 - The Table Polarization

      When Leonard buys a dining table for the flat, Sheldon objects strongly to such a big change in his living space and his relationship with Amy almost becomes a casualty as a result

    • Episode 15 - The Locomotive Manipulation

      Love is in the air when Amy convinces Sheldon to join her - as well as Howard and Bernadette - for a romantic train trip to Napa Valley to celebrate Valentine's Day

    • Episode 14 - The Convention Conundrum

      After the guys miss out on Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon decides to hold his own comic book convention and begins to search for a suitable star guest for the event

    • Episode 13 - The Occupation Recalibration

      When Penny quits her job at the restaurant in order to pursue her acting career full time and Sheldon is forced to take his unused leave by the university, the two end up spending some time together

    • Episode 12 - The Hesitation Ramification

      When Penny's big TV acting break hits the cutting room floor, Leonard does his best to comfort her, which leads her to ask him a bold question about their relationship

    • Episode 11 - The Cooper Extraction

      Sheldon returns to Texas when his sister goes into labour. While he's away, the gang gather to decorate the Christmas tree and ponder on how things would have been if they'd never met Sheldon.

    • Episode 10 - The Discovery Dissipation

      Sheldon continues to feel guilty about the attention he is receiving for his accidental discovery of a new element

    • Episode 9 - The Thanksgiving Decoupling

      Howard takes the gang to his mother's house for Thanksgiving in an effort to protect himself from the company of his grumpy father-in-law, who has also been invited

    • Episode 8 - The Itchy Brain Simulation

      Leonard thinks Sheldon will over-react when he admits he failed to return a DVD to the rental shop seven years ago but a surprisingly calm Sheldon finds a way to punish his friend for his past mistake

    • Episode 7 - The Proton Displacement

      Sheldon feels left out when Professor Proton asks Leonard to read his latest publication, so he befriends a TV personality from a rival science show

    • Episode 6 - The Romance Resonance

      Sheldon is mortified when he stumbles upon an important scientific breakthrough by accident. He feels like a complete fraud and is embarrassed by all the praise and attention that comes his way.

    • Episode 5 - The Workplace Proximity

      Amy informs Sheldon that she has been asked to work on a scientific project that is taking place at his university

    • Episode 4 - The Raiders Minimization

      Amy ruins one of Sheldon's favourite films by pointing out a flaw in the storyline, so he plots revenge by trying to spoil her enjoyment of a much-loved TV show from her childhood

    • Episode 3 - The Scavenger Vortex

      Raj organises an epic and demanding scavenger hunt for his friends, designed to test their scientific knowledge and common sense, and it brings out some surprising traits in everyone

    • Episode 2 - The Deception Verification

      Leonard returns early from his research expedition as a surprise for Penny, but Sheldon is upset that he wasn't in on the secret

    • Episode 1 - The Hofstadter Insufficiency

      Sheldon and Penny bond in Leonard's absence, Raj finds someone to share his heartache with, and while away at an out-of-town conference, Bernadette and Amy are 'hit on' at the hotel bar