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The Big Bang Theory

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      Episode 24 - The Convergence Convergence

      Conflict arises when Leonard's newly divorced parents and Sheldon's devoutly religious mother are all in town simultaneously. Howard and Raj are contacted about the guidance system they've developed.

      This episode is subtitled19 mins
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      Episode 23 - The Line Substitution Solution

      Sheldon wants to go to a special film screening, so he pays Stuart to spend the afternoon shopping with Amy so that he can queue up for the event. Penny struggles to connect with Leonard's mother.

      This episode is subtitled18 mins
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      Episode 22 - The Fermentation Bifurcation

      The gang run into Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack on an outing to a wine bar, while Bernadette, who can't drink, hangs out with Sheldon for the evening. Raj introduces his new girlfriend Claire to the guys.

      This episode is subtitled19 mins
    • Episode 21 - The Viewing Party Combustion

      During a group get-together to watch television at the flat, a minor argument between Sheldon and Leonard escalates into a heated debate. Raj is smug about dating Emily and Claire at the same time.

    • Episode 20 - The Big Bear Precipitation

      Sheldon shares a secret about Leonard when the two of them go on a weekend trip to a cabin in the country with Amy and Penny. Raj gets carried away buying pregnancy gifts for Howard and Bernadette.

    • Episode 19 - The Solder Excursion Diversion

      Sheldon makes a surprise revelation when Amy buys him a new laptop. Leonard and Howard lie to Penny and Bernadette to avoid an errand and attend a free movie screening, but Raj gives the game away.

    • Episode 18 - The Application Deterioration

      Leonard, Sheldon and Howard have problems when they file for a patent for their infinite persistence gyroscope. Raj needs some relationship advice when Emily reaches out to him after their break-up.

    • Episode 17 - The Celebration Experimentation

      After more than nine years together, the gang finally manage to persuade a reluctant Sheldon to celebrate his birthday, so they throw him a party with a few special guests in the 200th episode

    • Episode 16 - The Positive Negative Reaction

      When the gang find out about Bernadette's big news, they celebrate by getting together for an evening of karaoke. But Bernadette grows concerned when Howard starts to freak out over her announcement.

    • Episode 15 - The Valentino Submergence

      Sheldon and Amy host a special live Valentine's Day episode of their internet show Fun with Flags. Leonard and Penny grapple with getting older. Howard and Bernadette find a surprise in their hot tub.

    • Episode 14 - The Meemaw Materialization

      Sheldon is thrilled when his grandmother comes to visit, but his excitement fades when she butts heads with Amy. Raj meets a girl at the comic book shop and questions his relationship with Emily.

    • Episode 13 - The Empathy Optimization

      The gang do their best to look after Sheldon when he's ill, but after dealing with his incessant demands, rudeness and lack of gratitude, they decide to indulge in a Sheldon-free weekend in Las Vegas.

    • Episode 12 - The Sales Call Sublimation

      Penny gets more than she bargained for when Leonard meets a psychiatrist. Sheldon and Raj make an astronomical discovery. Howard and Bernadette can't believe how they feel after Stuart moves out.

    • Episode 11 - The Opening Night Excitation

      Sheldon seeks advice from Penny and Bernadette while planning something special for Amy's birthday. Leonard, Howard and Raj can't decide who should get their extra ticket to the latest Star Wars film.

    • Episode 10 - The Earworm Reverberation

      Sheldon is driven to distraction when he can't get a familiar tune out of his head or recall the name of the song. Amy and Dave arrange another date. Howard and Raj find out that their band has a fan.

    • Episode 9 - The Platonic Permutation

      Sheldon and Amy try hanging out as friends when they spend Thanksgiving together at the aquarium. Howard reluctantly agrees to volunteer at a soup kitchen with Bernadette, Raj and Emily.

    • Episode 8 - The Mystery Date Observation

      Sheldon enlists the help of Howard and Raj to find him a new girlfriend by posting online. When Amy is coy with the details about the guy she's dating, Penny and Bernadette decide to spy on them.

    • Episode 7 - The Spock Resonance

      While being interviewed for a documentary on Star Trek character Mr Spock, Sheldon struggles to suppress his emotions about his recent break-up with Amy, leaving Leonard and Penny in a state of shock

    • Episode 6 - The Helium Insufficiency

      Sheldon and Leonard struggle to find the supplies they need for an experiment. Penny and Bernadette download a dating app onto Amy's phone to find her a new boyfriend, but does she need their help?

    • Episode 5 - The Perspiration Implementation

      The guys take fencing lessons from Barry Kripke, but Sheldon feels awkward when Kripke expresses a romantic interest in Amy. Stuart struggles to attract female customers to the comic book shop.

    • Episode 4 - The 2003 Approximation

      Penny and Leonard announce they're moving in together, so Sheldon decides to revisit 2003, a simpler time before he had met either of them. Howard and Raj form a band to play at the comic book shop.

    • Episode 3 - The Bachelor Party Corrosion

      The guys' science skills are put to the test when they get a flat tyre during Leonard's surprise bachelor party weekend in Mexico. The girls force Penny to tell her family she has eloped with Leonard.

    • Episode 2 - The Separation Oscillation

      Leonard confronts the woman he kissed on a research expedition as he tries to put Penny's mind at ease about the fact that they still work together. Sheldon films a special episode of Fun with Flags.

    • Episode 1 - The Matrimonial Momentum

      After driving all the way to Las Vegas for her wedding to Leonard, Penny now faces a dilemma. At home, Sheldon doesn't know how to act after Amy tells him she's taking a break from their relationship.