The Bible: A History

  • Episode 1

    Novelist Howard Jacobson tries to find a path between religious and atheistic fundamentalists

  • Episode 2

    Rageh Omaar examines Abraham, one of the most revered patriarchs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Is his legacy a source of division or does he hold the key to peace and reconciliation?

  • Episode 3

    Ann Widdecombe goes in search of the law of Moses, tracing the historical origins of the Ten Commandments and their profound influence on British society for over two millennia.

  • Episode 4

    It's fashionable to dismiss the Bible as a manifesto for misogyny. But Bettany Hughes introduces a dazzling cast of feisty women: warriors, adulterous wives, mothers and 'good' women. [SL]

  • Episode 5

    Gerry Adams, politician and supporter of the IRA throughout years of sectarian conflict and the subsequent peace process, investigates the life and death of Jesus Christ

  • Episode 6

    Tom Holland examines the significance of St Paul, who, despite now being seen as an essentially conservative figure, was - in the context of his times - actually a revolutionary thinker.

  • Episode 7

    Dr Robert Beckford sets out to discover what message really lies at the heart of the Book of Revelation, one of the most complex and controversial books in the entire Bible.