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Watch an archive Channel 4 News report from the day the Designated Alien Zone opened in 1990 Watch now


The Aliens

Archive news footage from February 1990: the opening of the Designated Alien Zone

First shown: 11 Feb 2016 Drug references This programme is subtitled

The Aliens Are Here...

Watch exclusive archive news footage from February 1990 and the opening of the Designated Alien Zone

The Aliens are here. Brand new E4 drama. Coming Soon.

Lewis is determined to save Antoine even if he is at risk

A history of human oppression against the aliens



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  • Lewis

    When Lewis discovers he's half alien his world is thrown upside down

  • Lilyhot

    A smart, calculating alien who's tough as nails

  • Dominic

    An alien cleaner at the checkpoint

  • Fabien

    Antoineโ€™s old nemesis has been running Troy since his imprisonment