Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Episode Guide


Director James Cameron and lead actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton return for part two of the sci-fi franchise.

The film is set 11 years after Sarah Connor's (Hamilton) first, all-too-close brush with death at the hands of an android assassin. She's incarcerated in a mental health institution for her insistent, passionately held belief that mankind is on the verge of extinction instigated by the soon-to-go rogue Skynet automated US defence network, while her young son, John Connor (Edward Furlong), is living with his grandparents.

Having failed at the first attempt to eradicate its future nemesis, Skynet sends another deadly envoy, a shape-shifting T-1000 Terminator (Robert Patrick), back in time to the present to murder John. But the future John Connor has counteracted the Skynet mission by reprogramming a T-800 Terminator (Schwarzenegger) to protect himself.

Unfortunately, Sarah's last encounter with the T-800 was a far from happy experience, so she's not going to react well to seeing it again; and she's blissfully unaware of the real threat to her son.

Can she once again save John's life, and the future of humanity? Head-spinning time travel complications aside, Cameron and the cast deliver another much-praised, thoughtful and thrilling ride, which earned one of its four Oscars for its superb special effects.

(1991) Cert: 18