Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 10.35AM Tue 2 December 2008

The press calls them reckless, irresponsible members of society that strike fear into the hearts of adults with their lurid tales of binge-drinking and recklessness but statistics tell a different story about Britain's teens.

The majority of today's teens are very conservative, love their mums, worry about their exams and dream of a nice house with a Volvo in the drive.

Teen Trouble digs behind the media scenes to find out why the press only tell that "teens are street rats".

Exploring the truth about teenage misbehaviour and assessing ways in which the government tackles teenage crime, the programme looks at ways of promoting better relationships between adults and teenagers.

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Despite the negative treatment they receive at the hands of the media, it seems that all Britain's teens want to do is settle down in a lifestyle that's comfortable and secure. So why the bad press?