Tattoo Fixers on Holiday

Join Sketch, Alice and Jay at their Mediterranean pop-up shop for a summer season tackling tattoo diasasters Watch Tattoo Fixers on Holiday


Tattoo Fixers

Three talented tattoo artists transform extreme inking disasters into walking works of art as clients with regrettable tattoos visit their pop-up parlour for a badly needed body art consultation

First shown: 23 Jun 2015 Very strong language, rude and risqué tattoos and images This programme is subtitled

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E4 Wed 07 Dec, 9pm Series 3: Episode 1

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Series 2 available now

Ever wanted to get under the covers with Jay? Well now you can! Watch the brand new episode of In Bed with Jamie.

Alice loves a cover up challenge... Having had three cover ups herself, she says she know how much it means to someone to have their body changed for the better.

Join Sketch, Jay, Paisley and new recruit Alice in an exclusive look behind the scenes of Series 2

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Tattoo Fixers are on the look-out for the country's worst tattoos. If you've got regrettable body ink that needs rescuing then get in touch.

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