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  1. How The Other Half Eat

    How The Other Half Eat

    Fancy swapping your weekly food shop with your neighbours?

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  2. Selling Houses

    Selling Houses

    More4's ever popular 'Selling Houses' is back for a new series and with presenter, Amanda Lamb.

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  3. World's Best Diet

    World's Best Diet

    Do you love your country’s food? Show us what you eat!

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  4. Looking for Love?

    Looking for Love?

    Has cupid let you down? Let Science help out.

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  5. Four in a Bed

    Four in a Bed

    Calling all B&B and small hotel owners. Fancy being part of Channel 4's popular Four in a Bed?

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  6. Gordon Ramsay is Coming to Help Brits in Europe!

    Gordon Ramsay is Coming to Help Brits in Europe!

    Could your restaurant benefit with help from the world's most famous chef?

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  7. Gadget Man

    Gadget Man

    Gadget Man, presented by comedian Richard Ayoade, is back for a third series and looking for help

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  8. Best and Final Offer

    Best and Final Offer

    Would you like to receive a financial incentive to sell your house?

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  9. Benefits Street

    Benefits Street

    The documentary is returning for a second series and is looking to hear from other people on similar streets

    Continue reading, 'Benefits Street' >

  10. Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

    Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

    Is your home in need of a serious spring clean? Or is it the opposite and you spend hours a day keeping the germs at bay?

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