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  1. Up for a challenge?

    Up for a challenge?

    Got a 'can do' attitude to life? Would you and three friends be up for a challenge this summer?

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  2. Carjackers


    Could your mate's car be described as an old banger? Is mum's motor in need of a spruce up? Secretly nominate your friends and family for a free car revamp

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  3. Couples Wanted

    Couples Wanted

    Never been abroad with your partner before? Apply now and go on your first ever holiday together this summer!

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  4. Spies (w/t)

    Spies (w/t)

    Have you always secretly believed you could be a spy?

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  5. Coach Trip

    Coach Trip

    Fancy an amazing summer holiday in some of the Mediterranean's sunniest hotspots?

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  6. The Money

    The Money

    Be in the audience

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  7. A New Life in the Sun

    A New Life in the Sun

    Do you want to begin a new life in the sun?

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  8. Britain's Best Beach Hut

    Britain's Best Beach Hut

    Have you ever dreamed of designing and building your own beach hut? Now is your chance!

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  9. Exciting New Daily Quiz Show

    Exciting New Daily Quiz Show

    Could you talk, debate & deliberate your way into winning a big cash prize?

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  10. Mortgage Free

    Mortgage Free

    Are you planning to build your own home and become mortgage free in the process?

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