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  1. Mary Portas Secret Shopper

    Mary Portas Secret Shopper

    Customer-service champion Mary Portas is back and offering up her unique brand of retail advice to the shop owners of Britain

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  2. Appear in Britain's First Youth Leaders' Debate

    Appear in Britain's First Youth Leaders' Debate

    Become part of the audience and see the leaders of the youth sections of the seven major British parties debate on a variety of crucial issues. Get your questions answered and have your say!

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  3. The Diner

    The Diner

    Do you love food? Have you always wanted to cook or work in front of house? Do you have a physical, sensory or other impairment or a long term condition? Michel Roux Jr and Twofour Broadcast are looking for you!

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  4. Britain's Winter: Storm Heroes

    Britain's Winter: Storm Heroes

    Get involved by sharing your experience of extreme weather in the UK throughout 2015

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  5. The Secret Life of...

    The Secret Life of...

    An exciting new series will follow four to six-year-olds as they take their first steps towards independence and embark on the new challenges of going to school

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  6. Benchmark


    Benchmark is a brand new game show hosted by Paddy McGuinness - and we want YOU to take part!

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  7. My Grand Design (w/t)

    My Grand Design (w/t)

    Kevin McCloud and the Grand Designs team are looking for people to take part in a brand new series provisionally called 'My Grand Design'

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  8. The Three Day Nanny

    The Three Day Nanny

    Parents, are you at your wits' end with your children's behaviour?

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  9. The Search

    The Search

    Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go on the run?

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  10. Homes By The Sea

    Homes By The Sea

    If you live in an amazing seaside home or if you’re currently renovating or building a property that has fantastic views of the sea then More 4’s Homes By The Sea would love to hear from you!

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