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  1. Coast vs Country

    Coast vs Country

    Are you looking for your dream property either by the sea or in the countryside in the UK?

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  2. A Place in the Sun: Home or Away

    A Place in the Sun: Home or Away

    Are you looking to buy property both in the UK and abroad, or are you torn as to which location to choose?

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  3. Child Genius 2016

    Child Genius 2016

    Celebrating the extraordinary lives of gifted children and their families - the hit documentary series is back!

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  4. New Property Show

    New Property Show

    Calling all homeowners - are you about to embark on a renovation?

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  5. Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs

    Rescue Dogs to Super Dogs

    Are You a Dog Lover? Do you have a challenging condition or disability? Have you ever considered that a dog could transform your life?

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  6. My First Tattoo

    My First Tattoo

    Are you getting inked for the very first time? Are you desperate to pop your tattoo cherry? Get in touch

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  7. Undressed (w/t)

    Undressed (w/t)

    House and flat sharers wanted for bold, new show

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  8. Hunted


    Ever wonder what it would be like to disappear and go on the run? Do you think you could outsmart the hunters and evade capture?

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  9. Made Over By

    Made Over By

    Are you a fashion fanatic? Do you turn heads with your unique style? Star in a new fashion makeover series

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  10. Too Many Cooks (w/t)

    Too Many Cooks (w/t)

    Are you and your partner passionate about cooking? Do you love entertaining? True North Productions are looking for amateur chefs to compete in a brand new series.

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