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  1. 8 Out of 10 Cats

    8 Out of 10 Cats

    7 Series, 62 Episodes

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    Jimmy Carr hosts the irreverent comedy panel show based on opinion polls. So what's better - kittens or Christmas? Let The Great British Public decide...

  2. dond

    Deal or No Deal

    6 Series, 29 Episodes

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    Noel Edmonds presents the hit game show in which any one of 22 players could win up to £250,000. There are 22 sealed boxes, but only one question: deal - or no deal?

  3. Countdown Presenters


    19 Episodes

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    The show in which two contestants engage in a battle of wits, competing against the clock in games of lexical dexterity and numerical agility

  4. Sandi

    Fifteen to One

    2 Series, 34 Episodes

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    Sandi Toksvig asks the questions as fifteen contestants battle it out, nominating each other in the hope of eliminating their opponents and winning a £40,000 grand prize

  5. The Million Pound Drop

    The Million Pound Drop

    3 Series, 14 Episodes

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    Davina McCall presents a new series of specially themed games and contestants along with some well-known faces attempt to answer seven questions correctly in order to beat the Drop

  6. Was It Something I Said? Micky Flanagan, David Mitchell & Richard Ayoade

    Was It Something I Said?

    8 Episodes

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    David Mitchell hosts a battle of word play in the series where two teams answer questions about quotes, tweets and autobiographies

  7. Derren Brown: The Experiments

    Derren Brown: The Experiments

    4 Episodes

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    A four-part series featuring an inventive and jaw-dropping mixture of stunts, magic, illusion, suggestion and thought-provoking entertainment, combined with psychological insight

  8. Meet the Parents

    Meet the Parents

    2 Series, 12 Episodes

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    Unsuspecting members of the public think they're meeting their partner's family for the first time, in what might be the most bizarre afternoon of their life...

  9. The Singer Takes It All

    The Singer Takes It All

    4 Episodes

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    Alan Carr hosts Channel 4's brand new singing game show. Unlike any singing show seen before, ALL the action is in the viewers' hands...

  10. The Taste

    The Taste

    10 Episodes

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    Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, and critically-acclaimed chef Ludo Lefebvre search for the first British winner of the high stakes cooking competition where flavour is the only thing that matters

  11. Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013

    Big Fat Quiz

    2 Series, 2 Episodes

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    Twelve months. Celebrity panellists. And one very sarcastic host. It's the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and there are some questions that need answering...

  12. Jameela

    Playing It Straight

    2 Series, 14 Episodes

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    The reality game show that throws down the ultimate gaydar gauntlet, with money at stake for the man who can 'play it straight'

  13. Jimmy Carr


    2 Series, 16 Episodes

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    Jimmy Carr hosts the game show where brave contestants attempt to rise above such trivial distractions as cactus buzzers, nude middle-aged dancers and electrocution

  14. baggage_gok_brand


    8 Episodes

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    Gok Wan hosts the dating game show with a difference, where contestants choose or reject potential partners on the basis of their baggage

  15. Jimmy Carr and June Sarpong

    Your Face or Mine?

    20 Episodes

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    Relationships and egos are put to the test in this comedy gameshow that challenges contestants to predict how gorgeous - or gruesome - people really think they are

  16. Virtually Famous

    Virtually Famous

    8 Episodes

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    Kevin McHale, star of Glee, hosts a brand new comedy panel show with team captains Seann Walsh and Chris Stark that celebrates the weird and wonderful world of online sensations

  17. Without Prejudice host Liza Tarbuck

    Without Prejudice

    6 Episodes

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    Liza Tarbuck presents the high-stakes game show in which five random people decide which one of five strangers is worthy of a £20,000 cash prize

  18. The Bank Job

    The Bank Job

    6 Episodes

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    The Bank Job is a TV event giving contestants the chance to pull off the ultimate heist and walk away with a life-changing sum of money

  19. Dicing With Debt

    Dicing with Debt

    10 Episodes

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    Game show hosted by Paul Tonkinson. Dice-duelling students get the chance to pay off a year's debt. One lucky winner walks away with nothing, the other with considerably less...

  20. Make My Day

    Make My Day

    6 Episodes

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    A unique hidden camera game show in which the contestant becomes the star of their very own TV show

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