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  1. big_fat_gypsy_weddings_carols_caravans_625x352

    Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

    5 Series, 21 Episodes

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    Revealing documentary series that offers a window into the secretive, extravagant and surprising world of gypsies and travellers in Britain today

  2. Gok's Style Secrets

    Gok's Style Secrets

    6 Episodes

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    Super-stylist Gok Wan's new makeover show helps get some of Britain's singletons ready to go dating

  3. Gok

    Gok's Clothes RoadShow

    2 Series, 15 Episodes

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    The RoadShow is coming to town, offering makeovers, styling masterclasses, and a pop-up catwalk for the all-important fashion face-off

  4. Gok Live: Stripping for Summer

    Gok Live: Stripping for Summer

    3 Episodes

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    Gok Wan's live holiday fashion show helps women dress down for summer, with hot fashion tips on how to look good in the sun

  5. Beauty & The Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice

    Beauty & The Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice

    4 Episodes

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    Series investigating the extremes of discrimination. Each episode brings together two people often defined by the way they look - one has a facial disfigurement, the other an intense preoccupation with their appearance.

  6. Gok Wan

    How to Look Good Naked

    5 Series, 49 Episodes

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    Gok Wan presents the inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape - and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight...

  7. The Model Agency

    The Model Agency

    7 Episodes

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    This series goes inside the offices of Premier Model Management to reveal the realities of life in the world's most glamorous industry

  8. Thelma's Gypsy Girls

    Thelma's Gypsy Girls

    6 Episodes

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    Dressmaker Thelma Madine, the fairy godmother of Gypsy wedding dresses, trains a group of gypsy and traveller girls to create elaborate wedding outfits

  9. Mary Queen of Frocks

    Mary Queen of Frocks

    3 Episodes

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    Retail guru Mary Portas stakes her professional reputation on designing, launching and selling her own high-street fashion range exclusively aimed at women rather than girls

  10. Myleene Klass

    10 Years Younger

    5 Series, 66 Episodes

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    Myleene Klass presents the show where two women go head to head each week with one goal - to look younger. It's non-invasive techniques versus surgery - but which will get the best results?

  11. A Glamour girl

    G Girls

    10 Episodes

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    A candid look into the amazing world of excess that's put Glamour magazine in the number one spot - these are real life Carrie Bradshaws, who are intent on having it all

  12. Glorious Colour

    Glorious Colour

    5 Episodes

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    Textile artist Kaffe Fassett demonstrates how his techniques can be adapted to design almost any kind of knitwear, and how much pleasure can be obtained from the creative exploration of colour

  13. A woman plucking her upper lip

    Hairy Women

    1 Episode

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    A frank examination of some of the embarrassing - and often very distressing - problems around female body hair

  14. Jayne Middlemiss

    She's Gotta Have It

    10 Episodes

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    Fashion show designed to demonstrate to women of all shapes, sizes and level of income how to grab the world of fashion and make style work for them

  15. Erin O'Connor

    This Model Life

    3 Episodes

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    This three-part series takes a look at the unforgiving world of fashion, from the models whose faces grace the covers of Vogue to the people who find them, groom them and put them there

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