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  1. Child Genius

    Child Genius

    2 Series, 5 Episodes

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    Highly gifted children aged between 7 to 12 take part in a competition, run in association with British Mensa, to find the UK's annual child genius

  2. One Born series 5

    One Born Every Minute

    5 Series, 52 Episodes

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    A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff

  3. Britain's Youngest Carers

    Britain's Youngest Carers

    1 Episode

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    Oritsé Williams from JLS has cared for his mother since he was 12. He explores how other young people manage to care for relatives and balance the responsibility with other childhood pressures.

  4. One Born: Twins and Triplets

    One Born: Twins and Triplets

    1 Episode

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    A special episode following four One Born Every Minute couples through their multiple pregnancies and births, and the unexpected turns they take

  5. One Born: What Happened Next?

    One Born: What Happened Next?

    3 Series, 13 Episodes

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    Special programmes revisiting One Born Every Minute couples as they come to terms with the reality of parenthood

  6. Supernanny


    2 Episodes

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    Travelling the length and breadth of the country, Supernanny Jo Frost is on a mission to help desperate parents deal with their badly behaved children

  7. Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance

    Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

    6 Episodes

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    Jo Frost gives mums and dads the honest, insightful, no-nonsense parenting advice they need

  8. The Three Day Nanny

    The Three Day Nanny

    4 Episodes

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    Professional nanny Kathryn Mewes helps restore peace and calm to households in distress using her unique three day plan for families

  9. Primordial dwarves

    The Smallest People in the World

    1 Episode

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    Acclaimed documentary maker Jane Treays enters the world of children on the edge of society, examining how they cope when their lives are shaped by extreme circumstances

  10. Dinner at 11

    Dinner at 11

    1 Episode

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    A group of 11-year-olds have a dinner party and discuss everything from family to politics, in this thought-provoking insight into what's important to today's young people

  11. Tom

    The Family: Teen Stories

    15 Episodes

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    Special programmes focusing on the three teenagers in the first series of The Family

  12. 15 Kids and Counting

    15 Kids and Counting

    3 Episodes

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    Three-part series exploring the lives of some of the UK's biggest families

  13. Kate Garraway

    Other People's Breast Milk

    1 Episode

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    Kate Garraway investigates the pros and cons of cross-feeding, breast milk donation and wet-nursing by meeting some of the growing numbers of women who share each other's breast milk

  14. Parents and Teens

    Parents and Teens: Welcome to My World

    10 Episodes

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    An intimate portrait of family life from two different perspectives - those of teenager and parent

  15. The pupils

    Secret Life of the Classroom

    1 Episode

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    The first year at school is viewed through the eyes of four and five year olds with particular emphasis on how friendships are formed and conflicts negotiated

  16. The Last Chance School

    The Last Chance School

    1 Episode

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    Documentary following three of the most challenging pupils at Muntham House School in West Sussex, which is home to some of the toughest to teach children in the country

  17. Daddy Daycare

    Daddy Daycare

    3 Episodes

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    Nearly half of all British mums feel their partners don't do their share of childcare. In this series nine dads are sent on a crash-course in parenting at busy nurseries.

  18. An old photo featuring children in the 1970s

    The Homecoming

    1 Episode

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    In this Cutting Edge film, journalist Rachel Roberts goes in search of the people with whom she once shared a children's home, with only a photo and childhood memories to help her

  19. How to Be a Good Mother with Sharon Horgan

    Sharon Horgan On...

    2 Series, 2 Episodes

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    Sharon Horgan meets people taking on life's challenges in distinctive ways

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