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Guy Crouchback finds his unit facing the chaos of Crete where, instead of heroically raiding the enemy's lines of supply, they are told to cover the British Army's retreat, and then to surrender. However as the officers crack under the pressure, some begin to escape and Guy ends up fleeing the island on a small boat captained by the menacing Corporal Ludovic.

Back in London, Guy receives distressing news both about his father and about his former wife, but it isn't long before he is posted once again, this time to the British mission in Yugoslavia - but even here he encounters tragedy.

As the war comes to an end, Guy returns to England and to his family home in the country to seek out what could become his personal salvation.

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Award-winning writer William Boyd's adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's epic Second World War trilogy into a lavish two-part drama starring Daniel Craig, Megan Dodds and Leslie Phillips