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Paul's son Regan

Like thousands of other families in the UK, Sheryl and her children Mason, Bianca and Regan must cope with a loved one who has a life-threatening addiction. Documentary maker David Clews enters the Gascoignes' lives just as Paul is released after having spent six weeks sectioned under the mental health act.

But only a few days later, Paul has left the country and the family have no idea where he is. The frustrating phone calls they make to track him down reveal the heartache, chaos and fear that addicts' families face every day.

Sheryl is torn between letting go of a man who still dominates her life, and helping the troubled father of her children while they too grapple with conflicting and painful emotions as they struggle to understand the complexity of Paul's condition. Mason will do anything to help his father, but Regan has had enough.

Sheryl seeks the help of an addiction specialist to try and bring some stability to her family.

Surviving Gazza synopsis

Moving documentary about a family trying to cope with a father and ex-husband who has issues with mental health and alcohol - and who happens to be one of the most famous men in the country

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