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Documentary series in which two extreme eaters - one very overweight and the other severely underweight - swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating

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Documentary series in which two extreme eaters - one very overweight and the other severely underweight - swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating

Series 6 Summary

The sixth series of Supersize vs Superskinny features some of the most extreme diet swaps ever, including American Supersizers so big they are trapped in their own trailers. And Virginia Woolf's great niece, the journalist and former anorexia sufferer Emma Woolf, investigates the very latest treatments, research and conditions into eating disorders.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 1 - LJ vs Katie

    Dr Christian visits McAllen's mortuary, which is having to be supersized to cope with wider doorways and autopsy tables.

    In the feeding clinic, LJ Marley, a takeaway addict who tips the scales at 24 stone, with a 59 inch waist, swaps diets with Katie Reeve, whose childlike portions see her weigh in at a paltry 6st 11lb.

    LJ visits the US for some shock therapy, being forced to face up to the damage his eating habits could be doing to his body. And Emma Woolf reveals how she developed anorexia and lost half her body weight after a break-up while a student at Oxford.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 2 - Joanne vs Ross

    In the feeding clinic this time Joanne Leadley goes head to head with Ross Clarke from Cardiff.

    Ross is a meal dodger who never finds time to eat, while 41-year-old Joanne is a giant-portion gorger. Their swap is packed with drama, tantrums and tears.

    Dr Christian shows Ross the damage his diet is doing to his body and sends Jo to Georgia, America, to meet a woman whose life has been destroyed by overeating.

    Dr Christian visits America's fattest town, where he meets doctors who treat a huge variety of obesity-related illnesses and patients who have lost toes, limbs and even their eyesight.

    Recovering anorexic and journalist Emma Woolf explores whether anorexia is inherited.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 3 - Julie vs Zoe

    Forty-two-year-old super snacker Julie Menzies swaps diets with 24-year-old fussy eater Zoe Hughes-Blinston in an emotional encounter.

    Dr Christian discovers how the funeral parlour in America's fattest town copes with bigger and bigger bodies.

    And journalist Emma Woolf investigates the little known world of male eating disorders.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 4 - Simon vs Craig

    Facing off in the Feeding Clinic is 24-stone takeaway addict Craig Nellies and superskinny cola addict Simon Tacaks, who's just too lazy to bother to eat.

    Dr Christian shows skeletal Simon how concentrated amounts of the chemicals found in cola can cause extreme damage to teeth.

    In America's fattest town, where levels of obesity-related diabetes have hit epidemic proportions, Dr Christian visits a patient suffering chronic wounds and organ damage.

    Plus, former anorexia sufferer Emma Woolf investigates anorexia during pregnancy.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 5 - Hannah vs Victoria

    There's a tense and emotional swap in the feeding clinic as teenage comfort eater Victoria Madden goes head to head with fussy food avoider Hannah Pidgley, whose picky eating has already led to her being diagnosed with malnutrition.

    Hannah's terrified that her terrible diet is wrecking her fertility and her dreams of being a mum, while student nurse Victoria's huge meals and non-stop snacking sees her tip the scales at a mighty 19st 12lb.

    Dr Christian visits an American women's hospital to find out how obesity affects pregnancy and birth.

    Emma Woolf looks at eating disorders in older women.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 6 - Julie vs Dougie

    Twenty-stone comfort eater Julie Henry swaps diets with coffee addict Dougie Reid.

    Emma Woolf explores the importance of the early diagnosis of eating disorders.

    And in America, Dr Christian takes a ride on a bus that's helping Texans battle the bulge.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 7 - Emma vs Robert

    It's all out war as round-the-clock snacker Emma Cain goes head to head with Robert Musgrove, who can't be bothered to eat.

    Dr Christian shows lager-guzzling Emma just what her favourite tipple is doing to her body.

    In America's fattest town he visits an after-school scheme that aims to help combat childhood obesity.

    And Emma Woolf travels to Holland to investigate online therapy in the treatment of eating disorders.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 8 - Thomas vs Linda

    Pizza delivery driver Thomas Barnes weighs 27st 10lb, largely due to his weakness for pizza.

    Glamourous granny Linda Chik loves fruit and veg, but doesn't eat enough for her busy-bee lifestyle, so weighs in at only seven stone.

    Before they swap diets, Dr Christian prescribes a supersized wake up call for Thomas - sending him to visit 35-stone Robin Jones from Missouri. Robin is registered disabled and suffers from a host of health problems due to her obesity.

    And Emma Woolf concludes her investigation into eating disorders by meeting with 21-year-old Aria Valzano, who was 14 when she developed anorexia.

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 9 - Nathan, Chris and Jo - Revisit

    The show revisits three of last year's feeding clinic inmates - meal dodger Nathan Smith, takeaway king Chris Longley, and convenience queen Jo Palmer. One year on, have they managed to ditch their dreadful diets for good?

    Plus, it revisits Dr Christian's time in Evansville, Indiana - the US city that topped the polls in 2011 as America's Fattest. At the local Deaconess Hospital, he meets patients suffering the severe effects of obesity, and staff on the front line dealing with the crisis. He also visits Keith Davis from Goliath Caskets, who knows all about the ever expanding population - because he makes the biggest coffins in the United States.

    Twenty-four stone Chris gorged on up to a dozen takeaways a week. His body was paying a very high price when he checked in to the Feeding clinic. Sharing the diet swap dinner table with Chris was 21-year-old meal dodging hairdresser Nathan Smith - who had a head full of excuses for his puny 8st 5lb frame.

    Dr Christian prescribed Chris a supersized wake-up call in America to meet 32-stone 'Big Joe' Amador. Joe is only a few years older than Chris but had recently been told he has just 5 years to live - his body devastated by obesity.

    The show also revisits supersizer Jo who weighed in at a belt busting 24st 3lb. Convenience was her motto and cooking was definitely off the menu when she entered the feeding clinic. Jo flew to America for some shock therapy in the form of 33-stone Diana Steede. Diana's list of obesity related ailments included asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and needing oxygen 24 hours a day. Jo also swapped diets with superskinny Emma who survived on a terrifying 800 calories a day, nibbling on crisps and squash.

    Three months after Chris, Nathan and Jo left the feeding clinic they all succeeded on the scales. But one year on, have they managed to stick to their new, healthy lifestyles?

  • Supersize vs Superskinny

    Episode 10 - Hayley vs Geoff - Revisit

    The show catches up with sugar fan Hayley Payne and snackaholic Geoff Milton, one year after they met in the feeding clinic. Have they managed to change their terrible diets for good?

Supersize vs Superskinny synopsis

Documentary series in which two extreme eaters - one very overweight and the other severely underweight - swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating

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