Supersize vs Superskinny

    • Episode 1 - LJ vs Katie

      Dr Christian visits McAllen's mortuary, which is having to be supersized. LJ Marley, a 24-stone takeaway addict, swaps diets with Katie Reeve, who eats childlike portions and weighs six stone 11.

    • Episode 2 - Joanne vs Ross

      In the feeding clinic this time Joanne Leadley goes head to head with Ross Clarke from Cardiff

    • Episode 3 - Julie vs Zoe

      Super snacker Julie meets fussy eater Zoe. And in America's fattest town, Dr Christian sees supersize coffins for supersize corpses needing two burial plots.

    • Episode 4 - Simon vs Craig

      Facing off in the Feeding Clinic are 24-stone takeaway addict Craig Nellies and superskinny cola addict Simon Tacaks, who's just too lazy to bother to eat

    • Episode 5 - Hannah vs Victoria

      There's a tense and emotional swap in the feeding clinic as teenage comfort eater Victoria Madden goes head to head with fussy food avoider Hannah Pidgley

    • Episode 6 - Julie vs Dougie

      Twenty-stone comfort eater Julie Henry swaps diets with coffee addict Dougie Reid. And Emma Woolf explores the importance of the early diagnosis of eating disorders.

    • Episode 7 - Emma vs Robert

      It's all out war as round-the-clock snacker Emma Cain goes head to head with Robert Musgrove, who can't be bothered to eat

    • Episode 8 - Thomas vs Linda

      Pizza delivery driver Thomas Barnes loves pizza and weighs 27 stone 10 lbs. Glamorous granny Linda Chik loves fruit and veg, but doesn't eat enough so weighs only seven stone.

    • Episode 9 - Nathan, Chris and Jo - Revisit

      Three months after Chris, Nathan and Jo left the feeding clinic, they all succeeded on the scales. But one year on, have they managed to stick to their new, healthy lifestyles?

    • Episode 10 - Hayley vs Geoff - Revisit

      The show catches up with sugar fan Hayley Payne and snackaholic Geoff Milton, one year after they met in the feeding clinic. Have they managed to change their terrible diets for good?