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Documentary series in which two extreme eaters - one very overweight and the other severely underweight - swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating

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Documentary series in which two extreme eaters - one very overweight and the other severely underweight - swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating

Series 5 Summary

The feeding clinic opens its doors for a new series as Dr Christian Jessen highlights the nation's dysfunctional relationship with food. The new series also features investigative reports on eating disorders, morbid obesity and extreme eating habits.

  • Episode 1 - Supersize vs Superskinny

    Dr Christian flies out to Evansville, Indiana, officially America's 'Fattest City', where 38% of the population is obese.

    Experts predict that by 2020 a third of adults in the UK will be obese. But in America this milestone has already been reached. He meets a woman who lost her foot to obesity-related diabetes, and visits a funeral home where the coffins are the size of hot tubs!

    In the Feeding Clinic, Supersize and Superskinny go on a shocking diet swap. But before they swap diets, Christian gives his Supersizer a terrifying glimpse into the future by sending them to the US, to spend time with somebody whose obesity has ruined their life.

    The new series also examines a variety of eating disorders as six men and women reveal their very personal stories. In this episode, 18-year-old it's Ellie Lambert, whose anorexia was triggered by a jaw operation that prevented her from eating.

  • Episode 2 - Rob vs Hayley

    Foodaholic Rob Gillett goes head to head with foodphobic Hayley Payne in the Feeding Clinic. And Dr Christian goes for a ride on a supersize ambulance in America's fattest town.

    Rob Gillett's obsession with donuts and cream cakes has seen him eat his way to an enormous 35 stone 10 pounds. While on the other end of the scale, for busy-bee Hayley food isn't a priority - which has left her weighing in at just 6 stone 12 pounds.

    And the warning signs of bulimia are revealed through the eyes of 20-year-old Lucy Glover, who regularly binges and purges on a staggering 8000 calories at a time.

  • Episode 3 - Hugh vs Lynsey

    In the Feeding Clinic comfort eater Hugh meets Lynsey, who has a fear of choking. And fashion student Laura reveals how an eating disorder has left her addicted to exercise and surviving on just 600 calories a day.

  • Episode 4 - Geoff vs Josh

    Snackaholic Geoff Milton meets sweet-toothed meal skipper Josh Bryson in the Feeding Clinic. And Dr Christian visits an after-school nutrition class in America's fattest city.

  • Episode 5 - Jo vs Emma

    Head to head in the Feeding Clinic are Jo from Staffordshire and Emma from Lincolnshire.

    Former anorexic Rosemary recounts her story, from the depths of the disease through to her amazing recovery.

    And in Evansville, America's fattest town, Dr Christian witnesses life-saving surgery for the super obese, meeting the bariatric surgery team who perform the very latest gastric bypass operation.

  • Episode 6 - Chris vs Nathan

    Takeaway addict Chris Longley swaps diets with meal-dodging hairdresser Nathan Smith.

    Dr Christian sends Chris to the USA to live with a 32-stone man who has been told he only has five years to live.

    The doctor also pays a visit to Overeaters Anonymous in Evansville, Indiana

    And 19-year-old Jonathan reveals how his disordered eating has resulted in the loss of an incredible eleven stone in just nine months.

  • Episode 7 - Saskia vs Nick

    Caribbean food queen Saskia Roberts swaps diets with food analyst Nick Harvey, while Dr Christian tucks into a rack of baby back ribs containing 2300 calories in America's fattest city.

  • Episode 8 - Brooke vs Marie

    Supersize medical student Brooke meets superskinny Marie Sheratt in The Feeding Clinic. And in America's fattest city Dr Christian hits the airwaves to urge the townsfolk to change their ways.

    Twenty-year-old Brooke Gamble is worried her size 28 body will stop future patients taking her seriously as a doctor. Dr Christian sends Brooke to America to meet 32-stone Christina White, who is confined to living and sleeping in just one room.

  • Episode 9 - Josh vs Louise vs Vicki

    This edition revisits three former Supersize vs Superskinny feeding clinic inmates: chronic food dodger Josh Evans, five-course food-lover Louise Hayes and foodphobic Vicki Smith.

    One year down the line have they managed to ditch their dangerous eating habits for good?

  • Episode 10 - James, Modasser and Ami - revisit

    One year after checking into the Feeding Clinic, have over-eater James and under-eaters Modasser and Ami stuck to their new eating plans or reverted to their old, very unhealthy ways?

Supersize vs Superskinny synopsis

Documentary series in which two extreme eaters - one very overweight and the other severely underweight - swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating

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