Supersize vs Superskinny

    • Series 5 Episode 1

      Dr Christian flies out to Evansville, Indiana, officially America's 'Fattest City', where 38% of the population is obese

    • Episode 2 - Rob vs Hayley

      Foodaholic Rob Gillett goes head to head with foodphobic Hayley Payne in the Feeding Clinic. And Dr Christian goes for a ride on a supersize ambulance in America's fattest town.

    • Episode 3 - Hugh vs Lynsey

      In the Feeding Clinic comfort eater Hugh meets Lynsey, who has a fear of choking. And fashion student Laura reveals how an eating disorder has left her addicted to exercise.

    • Episode 4 - Geoff vs Josh

      Snackaholic Geoff Milton meets sweet-toothed meal skipper Josh Bryson in the Feeding Clinic. And Dr Christian visits an after-school nutrition class in America's fattest city.

    • Episode 5 - Jo vs Emma

      Jo from Staffordshire and Emma from Lincolnshire visit the feeding clinic. Former anorexic Rosemary recounts her story, from the depths of the disease through to her amazing recovery.

    • Episode 6 - Chris vs Nathan

      Takeaway addict Chris swaps diets with meal-dodging hairdresser Nathan. Dr Christian sends Chris to the USA to live with a 32-stone man who has been told he only has five years to live.

    • Episode 7 - Saskia vs Nick

      Caribbean food queen Saskia Roberts swaps diets with food analyst Nick Harvey, while Dr Christian tucks into a rack of baby back ribs containing 2300 calories in America's fattest city.

    • Episode 8 - Brooke vs Marie

      Supersize medical student Brooke meets superskinny Marie in the feeding clinic. And in America's fattest city Dr Christian hits the airwaves to urge the townsfolk to change their ways.

    • Episode 9 - Josh vs Louise vs Vicki

      This episode revisits chronic food dodger Josh Evans, five-course food-lover Louise Hayes and foodphobic Vicki Smith a year after they visited the feeding clinic

    • Episode 10 - James, Modasser and Ami - revisit

      One year after checking into the Feeding Clinic, have over-eater James and under-eaters Modasser and Ami stuck to their new eating plans or reverted to their old, very unhealthy ways?