Supersize vs Superskinny

    • Episode 1 - Louise and Josh

      There are tears and tantrums as 21-stone Louise Hayes swaps with Josh Evans, whose diet barely features a proper meal. Louise is terrified her five-year-old son is picking up her supersize habits.

    • Episode 2 - Amy vs Ami

      In the feeding clinic supersize Amy Green, who tips the scales at a staggering 20 stone plus, swaps diets with superskinny Ami Walsh, who only weighs seven stone ten.

    • Episode 3 - Dawn vs Charlene

      It's war in the feeding clinic as meat addict 47-year-old Dawn Grant goes into meltdown when 21-year-old calorie-counting Charlene Sequiera refuses to eat her mountainous meals.

    • Episode 4 - Janet and Tara vs Joanne and Keith

      It's a first for the show with a double swap as mother and daughter Janet and Tara Wells swap diets with too-busy-to-eat Joanne Evans and Keith Linage.

    • Episode 5 - Stu vs Alice

      In the feeding clinic tonight it's an emotional rollercoaster as Supersize cheese addict Stu Preston takes on Superskinny portion controller Alice Duran.

    • Episode 6 - Mark vs Dale

      Forty-two-year-old Mark's diet of mountains of greasy food has left him 11 stone overweight. He goes head-to-head with self-conscious food casualty Dale who weighs under 10 stone.

    • Episode 7 - Danni vs Vicki

      Sugar junkie 29-year-old Danni Brooke from Lincolnshire swaps diets with 21-year-old food phobic Vicki Smith from Glasgow.

    • Episode 8 - James vs Modasser

      Second-hand car dealer James Collier, who loves greasy, supersized portions, goes head-to-head with undereater Modasser Zafar, who often skips meals, in a tense diet swap.