Supersize vs Superskinny

    • Episode 1 - Tatiana and Sandra

      Tatiana Moxey is 6 stone 10lbs and desperate for people to stop asking her if she's got an eating disorder. 23 stone, jazz singer Sandra Andrew is a late-night binger. The two swap diets.

    • Episode 2 - Yasmin and Darryl

      Fussy eaters put up a food fight in the feeding clinic and Dr Christian Jessen referees the match. Meanwhile, journalist Anna Richardson takes the nip and tuck route to slimming.

    • Episode 3 - Amy-Jo and Andy

      Journalist Anna Richardson samples another extreme diet, taking the star-studded way of dropping a dress size: living on jars of baby food, while Dr Jessen supervises the extreme diet swap.

    • Episode 4 - Elizabeth and Stefan

      Dr Christian Jessen persuades six stone Elizabeth Young to swap her radical diet for that of 34 stone supersized milkman Stefan Ginesi for a week. While Anna Richardson tries diet pills.

    • Episode 5 - Kevin and Julie

      Continuing the magazine show about food and body image. Journalist Anna Richardson continues her weight-loss quest, hoping that hypnosis will help her drop a dress size.

    • Episode 6 - Jenette and Rosemarie

      In the feeding clinic in this edition are two women at opposite ends of the weight spectrum but with one thing in common: they both want to look wonderful in their wedding dresses.

    • Episode 7 - Louise and Desroy

      Size zero Louise Sapsford, who clocks in at 6st 2lb and rarely finishes her tiny meals, swaps menus with 28st 13lb Desroy Gordon, who lives on a diet of non-stop takeaways.

    • Episode 8 - Alex and Tracy

      Lanky Alex Law, who hits the scales at just ten stone and barely eats his meals, swaps diets with Welsh snacker Tracy Morgan, whose weight has soared to nearly 20 stone.