Supersize vs Superskinny Kids

  • Episode 1 - Ieuan and Jess

    Kicking off the series are 15-year-old Ieuan, who weighs 17 stone and consumes 4000 calories a day, and super-fussy 13-year-old Jess, who weighs six and a half stone

  • Episode 2 - Caitlin and Declan

    Dr Christian Jessen scrutinises the eating habits of 12-year-old ballet dancer Caitlin Anstis and 11-year-old Declan Garner, who's been bullied at school because of his supersize frame.

  • Episode 3 - Aiyesha and David

    Dr Christian Jessen and dietician Ursula Philpot meet 11-year-old Aiyesha, who weighs almost 12 stone, and 9-year-old David, who weighs a miniscule 3 stone 12 pounds.

  • Episode 4 - Cameron and Aled

    In the final episode of the series 11-stone Cameron, who grazes on sugary snacks all day, meets 15-year-old Aled, who's is literally too scared to eat.