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The series that shows how to scrimp and save in these straitened times with entrepreneur, journalist and mother-of-three Mrs Moneypenny

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The series that shows how to scrimp and save in these straitened times with entrepreneur, journalist and mother-of-three Mrs Moneypenny

Series 3 Summary

SuperScrimpers returns with Mrs Moneypenny leading the way and her brand new thrifty army primed with enough money-saving tips to help everyone live life for half the price.

From cleaning your house to entertaining the kids, from gardening to recipes for leftover food, the Thrifters have got ingenious penny-pinching tips by the bucket load.

Daily Telegraph financial journalist Harry Wallop shows consumers how to not to get ripped off in the first place, fronting up the big boys to right the nation's financial wrongs.

  • Episode 1 - SuperScrimpers

    The show meets the super-spending Oak family from Nottingham who waste a whopping £7000 a year on treats for their young daughter - money they can't afford.

    The Oaks are given a SuperScrimping challenge of just £50 for days out and treats, plus daughter Ruby's fifth birthday party. Can they learn how to make essential savings whille still keeping the kids entertained?

    And Harry investigates confusing energy tariffs and takes on an energy giant for a customer left at boiling point.

  • Episode 2 - SuperScrimpers

    Mrs Moneypenny shows how to save a fortune on pets and buying a car.

    Harry Wallop tries to help a group of friends, whose dream holiday turned into a complete nightmare, to get their money back.

    And the show meets the super-spending Burdon family, whose excessive food expenditure is putting them into debt - their annual takeaway bill alone comes in at a staggering £4680.

  • Episode 3 - SuperScrimpers

    Mrs Moneypenny goes back to school, giving a lesson in savvy saving on childcare costs.

    Super-spending Amy and Megan from Manchester lay out a staggering £16,678 on clothes and nick-nacks. Now the best friends face the £50 challenge.

    With increasing numbers of people renting their homes, Mrs M shows how to put less money in the landlord's pocket.

    And Harry Wallop comes to the rescue of a couple whose secondhand car wouldn't even start.

  • Episode 4 - SuperScrimpers

    Mrs Moneypenny reveals how to save hundreds on holidays, from car parking to currency. Plus she shows how to make money from the junk in our homes.

    Consumer journalist Harry Wallop helps a woman battling to get her travel insurance company to settle her claim after her holiday was cancelled in tragic circumstances.

    The show also features students Tim and Tom from Birmingham, who splash out £11,000 a year on alcohol and nights out. SuperScrimpers challenges them to cut back by hosting a cocktail party for all their friends on a much lower budget of £50.

  • Episode 5 - SuperScrimpers

    Mrs M demonstrates how to save on savings and be a student without ending up with a mountain of debt.

    Consumer crusader Harry Wallop meets a man who enlisted a company to get back his PPI, only to be landed with another bill!

    The Hoskin family from Cornwall, who've wasted thousands on a garden that still looks like a building site, are challenged to create a beautiful garden space on a Scrimper budget.

    Plus Mrs M's army of Thrifters reveal how to save a small fortune with another bunch of great tips, including how to get beautifully smooth legs for free, and how to transform the humble flip flop into designer footwear.

  • Episode 6 - SuperScrimpers

    Mrs Moneypenny sets her sights on matrimony, revealing how one of life's most important events needn't leave newlyweds deep in debt.

    On average couples blow more than £20,000 on their big day, and spendthrift couple Craig and Shanice don't plan to be different, so Mrs M and her team challenge them to get married on a shoestring.

    Also in this edition, consumer champion Harry Wallop takes on the mobile phone companies who tie you into a contract and then bump up their prices, and there are penny-saving tips on homemade booze and budget beauty.

  • SuperScrimpers

    Episode 7 - SuperScrimpers: Winter Survival Tips

    Mrs Moneypenny leads the way with money-saving winter tips.

    Her army of Thrifters have got ingenious penny-pinching tips by the bucket load, for every conceivable situation.

    And there are £50 challenges for Britain's overspending families. Whether it's their weekly food shop or toys for their kids, nights out on the town, or wasting a small fortune on the garden, the requirement is to spend far far less.

  • SuperScrimpers

    Episode 8 - A SuperScrimpers' Merry Christmas

    'Tis the season to be thrifty, and in this Christmas Special there's a sack full of tips to help everyone have very merry (but frugal) festivities.

    Mrs Moneypenny and her army of SuperScrimpers share their newest hints and tips about Christmas cost cutting. From beauty to Christmas cooking, from decorations to presents, every possible part of a cut-price Christmas is covered.

    Crackers created from toilet rolls, tree decorations made from old light bulbs, and a cheap winter-warming mulled cider are all guaranteed to raise festive spirits. Even the duchess pops up with advice on making thrifty Christmas gingerbread men.

    Harry Wallop targets the online criminals who use every trick in the book to rip punters off.

    And Mrs M visits Emma Manners, the Duchess of Rutland, at Belvoir Castle for some super-posh scrimping tips, including layering up with mink coats.

  • SuperScrimpers

    Episode 9 - SuperScrimpers 2013 Resolutions

    Mrs Moneypenny and her army of Superscrimpers start 2013 with more tips on how to cut costs.

SuperScrimpers synopsis

The series that shows how to scrimp and save in these straitened times with entrepreneur, journalist and mother-of-three Mrs Moneypenny

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