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  1. Scrimping Tips: Week 6

    Want to know how to make your own face mask, insect repellent or handbag?

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  2. Hannah's Guide to Charity Shopping

    Here's our guide to making a statement for next to nothing with a second-hand bargain

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  3. Guide to Car Sharing

    Cut the cost of running a car by considering the benefits of car sharing

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  4. Guide to Child Savings

    There are various ways for you to invest for your child's future, be it long term or short term savings.

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  5. Inside Track on Train Fares

    Don't be railed by pricey train tickets - follow Mrs M's guide to finding cut-price fares

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  6. Scrimping Tips: Week 5

    Learn how to bleed a radiator, clean copper, make your own compost and more with these tips from the SuperScrimpers

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  7. Jane's Family Meal Plan

    Take the pressure off your pocket by feeding a family of four with this dinner meal plan

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  8. Guide to Bulk Buying

    Size does matter! You'll save pounds by buying in bigger volumes - let me show you how.

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  9. Scrimping Dinner Party Menu

    Cut the cost but not the taste with this delicious dinner party menu for eight

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  10. Scrimping Tips: Week 4

    Tin can plant pots and thrifty jam tarts - just a few of the tips from our SuperScrimpers this week

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