Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 7.35PM Fri 5 August 2011

Will is 'The Dark Spartan', a 27-year-old father of two who dreams of smashing drug syndicates in Torquay. Every Friday and Saturday night he patrols the town dressed in full police riot gear. But his wife worries that he is not as invincible as he feels.

Ken, 'The Shadow', is a former soldier who thinks the police are failing the people of Yeovil, in Somerset. With his own, perhaps controversial, approach to crime-fighting - using the ancient Japanese art of the ninja - Ken is about to deal with a group of boy racers who are terrorising local families.

In Yorkshire, Keiran, AKA 'Noir', is a 17-year-old comic-book obsessive with autistic tendencies. Normally Keiran is shy and awkward, but wearing his costume he feels brave and strong. Keiran hopes his mask and alter ego will help him as he tracks down a mugger.

They're part of a small, secretive and growing band of people who are donning comic book style costumes and taking to the streets to fight crime.

With unique access to The Dark Spartan, The Shadow and Noir, Christian Watt's First Cut film uncovers what these self-proclamined superheroes are up to and why. It explores the challenges and controversies of costumed crime-fighting, and reveals their deeply personal motivations.

First Cut is the critically acclaimed, eclectic documentary strand that showcases distinctive new films by up and coming directors.

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A small, secretive band of people are donning comic-book costumes and taking to Britain's streets to fight crime. Christian Watt's First Cut film meets three of these suburban superheroes.