• Episode 1 - Homecoming

      George is surprised and unsettled to discover that Tessa is keen to borrow his guitar and sign up for a local talent show since finding out that her long-absent mother was a talented musician

    • Episode 2 - The Witch of East Chatswin

      When Tessa encourages Dalia and her friends to wear less revealing Halloween costumes, she attracts the attention of local feminist Paula

    • Episode 3 - Ryan's Song

      Dallas does her best to impress George on their first date. Tessa babysits for Noah but calls Lisa for back-up when his big, dark house gives her the creeps.

    • Episode 4 - Foam Finger

      Kimantha, Kenzie and Kaitlin are upset when Dalia reveals that she is going to be best friends with her father's fiancée and can no longer lead their clique

    • Episode 5 - The Wishbone

      Thanksgiving traditions are being abandoned all over Chatswin. Tessa decides to visit her grandmother in New York City so that she can meet her mother Alex for the first time.

    • Episode 6 - Friendship Fish

      Dallas gives George a Chatswin-style makeover, which makes him feel more at home in the suburbs. But when his friends from New York come for a surprise visit, they ridicule his look and his lifestyle.

    • Episode 7 - Krampus

      George arranges a Christmas holiday for Tessa - a trip to New York with her mother, Alex (guest star Malin Akerman). However, Tessa is surprised to discover that she misses George.

    • Episode 8 - Black Thai

      The Shays decide to take action to get Ryan back when he takes up residence with Malik's family and adopts a new identity

    • Episode 9 - Junior Secretary's Day

      Tessa has her wisdom teeth removed but suffers some very strange side effects from the pain-killing medication she is given afterwards

    • Episode 10 - Chinese Chicken

      Once everybody knows that Tessa and Ryan are a couple, the girlfriends of the other school football players welcome Tessa to their ranks, much to her horror

    • Episode 11 - Yakult Leader

      Dallas's toy dog Yakult becomes depressed when Noah lures her favourite dog walker away from the Royce household. Tessa arranges a blind date for Lisa.

    • Episode 12 - Body Talk

      Tessa becomes producer of Chatswin High's 'Teen Talk' television show, but isn't happy when presenter Ryan becomes a hit talking about his amazing body

    • Episode 13 - Blowtox and Burlap

      Tessa takes Ryan to see an art house film, but they both react to the movie in unexpected ways. Sheila's mother comes to Chatswin for a visit and causes tension in the Shay household.

    • Episode 14 - T-Ball and Sympathy

      Tessa becomes the school relationship expert and starts giving advice to everyone she meets. The long-running feud between Dallas and Noah escalates.

    • Episode 15 - Leaving Chatswin

      When their elderly friend Marty passes away, George and Noah have to organise a memorial and figure out what to do with his ashes, despite the fact that they didn't know him very well

    • Episode 16 - How to Be a Baby

      Dalia persuades Mr Wolfe to try a new look in order to get over his breakup with Chef Alan. Noah is convinced Carmen is the love of his life, and Tessa quits her job.

    • Episode 17 - Eat, Pray, Eat

      Dallas frets that George will never love her as much as his ex, so she starts comfort eating. Tessa worries that she has lost her cool, and Noah finds out that Carmen has been dating his therapist.

    • Episode 18 - Brown Trembler

      George offers Noah and baby Opus a place to stay after Noah's divorce from Jill leaves him camping out at a hotel

    • Episode 19 - Decemberfold

      When George agrees to participate in the annual 'Dads of Chatswin' charity calendar, he becomes obsessed with his body image and alienates Dallas in the process

    • Episode 20 - Go, Gamblers!

      George asks Dallas to move in with him so they can share their bills and save a fortune, but she feels this is a thoroughly unromantic proposal

    • Episode 21 - Apocalypse Meow

      A furious Tessa blames Dalia when her relationship with Ryan hits the rocks and their feud gets out of hand at school

    • Episode 22 - Stray Dogs

      George's attempt to buy Dallas the house of her dreams backfires when their differing tastes lead her to doubt whether he is in love with her