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US comedy about an anxious dad who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York to the clean streets of suburbia in a misguided attempt to protect her from undesirable influences

About the Show

US comedy about an anxious dad who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York to the clean streets of suburbia in a misguided attempt to protect her from undesirable influences

Series 1 Summary

US comedy about an anxious father who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York City to the clean streets of suburbia in the mistaken belief that this will protect her from undesirable influences, starring Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy.

  • Suburgatory: Dalia and Tessa

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    When George Altman finds an unopened packet of condoms in his teenage daughter Tessa's room, he does what any single dad would do: panics and moves her to suburbia

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 2 - The Barbecue

    George caves in to social pressure and prepares to host a barbecue, but Noah can't resist helping out by lending him a state-of-the-art, gas-powered grill

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 3 - The Chatterer

    Tessa helps Malik with the school newspaper, which they revamp from a dull bulletin that nobody reads into a tabloid-style scandal sheet full of gossip

  • Suburgatory: Dallas

    Episode 4 - Don't Call Me Shirley

    When Sheila Shay's collection of Shirley Temple dolls is stolen, the entire community is thrown into a panic, including Dallas and Dalia

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 5 - Halloween

    George's attempts to decorate the front garden for Halloween are thwarted by the Neighbourhood Association, headed by Dallas, who hates the spooky celebration.

  • Suburgatory: Dallas

    Episode 6 - Charity Case

    Tessa organises a school assembly on the topic of 'giving something back', but the student body's notion of what charitable giving means differs from hers.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 7 - Sweet Sixteen

    Tessa allows Dalia to plan a lavish 16th birthday party for her when she discovers that Dallas can arrange for her favourite band to perform at the event.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 8 - Thanksgiving

    Sad that she is stuck in the suburbs at Thanksgiving while George is working in the city, Tessa asks Dallas to drive her to New York for a girls' day out.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 9 - The Nutcracker

    When George breaks up with his New York girlfriend Zoe, Tessa overhears him, blames herself for the demise of the relationship and plots to revive it.

  • Suburgatory: George and Tessa

    Episode 10 - Driving Miss Dalia

    When Tessa passes her driving test on her first try, Dalia - who has failed to get her licence seven times - bribes her 'friend' to drive her around.

  • Suburgatory: Josh and Tessa

    Episode 11 - Out in the Burbs

    Mr Wolfe asks Tessa to show new student Josh around the school. She soon becomes convinced he's gay when, in fact, he's an undercover narcotics officer.

  • Suburgatory: Steven, Bambi and Candy

    Episode 12 - The Casino Trip

    George wins a trip to Atlantic City and asks Noah, Fred, Tom and Alex to go with him for the weekend. Tessa tries to get to know Scott a little better.

  • Suburgatory: Scott and Tessa

    Episode 13 - Sex and the Suburbs

    When George sees the condoms that Lisa gave to Tessa, he frets about his daughter becoming sexually active but finds it hard to talk to her about it

  • Suburgatory: Kenzie, Kaitlin and Dalia

    Episode 14 - The Body

    Tessa runs for Student Body President in an effort to prevent the introduction of more gym classes, and Ryan confides in George when he loses a wrestling match.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa, Kimantha and Malik

    Episode 15 - Fire with Fire

    Dallas begins spending a lot of time with her good-looking younger boyfriend Yoni. This causes tension with George, who thinks Yoni is too young for her.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 16 - Poetic Injustice

    Fred and Sheila tire of playing croquet with Dallas and an ever-changing parade of her young boyfriends, so they ask George to become her new partner.

  • Suburgatory: George and Tessa

    Episode 17 - Independence Day

    Fed up with having to rely on her father for lifts everywhere, Tessa asks Dallas for a job so that she can afford to buy her own car

  • Suburgatory: Tessa and Ryan

    Episode 18 - Down Time

    Dallas's divorce is finalised but George becomes so unsettled by her behaviour that he takes her out shopping with Noah

  • Suburgatory: Tessa and Dalia

    Episode 19 - Entering Eden

    When George meets health-conscious Eden at the Chatswin farmers' market, there is an immediate attraction between them. Noah and Jill make an announcement.

  • Suburgatory: Eden

    Episode 20 - Hear No Evil

    Getting serious, George decides that he wants to introduce Eden, guest star Alicia Silverstone, to Tessa

  • Suburgatory: Lisa and Tessa

    Episode 21 - The Great Compromise

    Tessa struggles to adjust to living with Eden and strongly dislikes the healthy meals that she serves up

  • Suburgatory: Tessa, Jill and Helen

    Episode 22 - The Motherload

    Everybody in Chatswin is celebrating Mother's Day, and Eden frets that Tessa may be feeling left out because her mother isn't around