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US comedy about an anxious dad who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York to the clean streets of suburbia in a misguided attempt to protect her from undesirable influences

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US comedy about an anxious dad who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York to the clean streets of suburbia in a misguided attempt to protect her from undesirable influences

Series 1 Summary

US comedy about an anxious father who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York City to the clean streets of suburbia in the mistaken belief that this will protect her from undesirable influences, starring Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy.

  • Suburgatory: Dalia and Tessa

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    George Altman is a handsome architect in his late 30s and father to teenager Tessa. They live together in New York City, where Tessa is perfectly at ease navigating the urban jungle she grew up in.

    But when George discovers an unopened packet of condoms in his daughter's room, he does what any single father would do: he panics and transports Tessa from the mean streets of the city to the clean streets of suburbia in the mistaken belief that this will protect her from undesirable influences.

    Tessa is forced to negotiate a brand new world of perfect homes with manicured lawns, overly friendly suburban moms and their blonde, bronzed teens, whiter-than-white teeth, lashings of lip-gloss, and trips to the country club and the shopping mall.

    Trapped behind the endless white picket fences of the 'burbs, the indie kid is in her own unique version of hell. Forget purgatory - this is Suburgatory.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 2 - The Barbecue

    Despite their best efforts, George and Tessa are unable to avoid a dinner date with their neighbours, the Shays.

    During the evening, Tessa is horrified to discover that she is becoming attracted to crass but handsome teenage athlete Ryan Shay, with whom she has nothing in common.

    Meanwhile, George caves in to social pressure and prepares to host a barbecue, but Noah can't resist helping out by lending him a giant, state-of-the-art, gas-powered barbecue grill.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 3 - The Chatterer

    In an effort to get more involved in Tessa's life at school, George joins the Parent Teacher Association.

    He quickly becomes popular within the organisation, much to the distress of Sheila Shay, who feels that her position as PTA queen bee is under threat.

    Tessa joins Malik on the staff of the school newspaper, which they quickly revamp from a dull bulletin that nobody reads into a tabloid-style scandal sheet full of gossip.

  • Suburgatory: Dallas

    Episode 4 - Don't Call Me Shirley

    The community's thrown into panic when someone steals Sheila Shay's collection of Shirley Temple dolls.

    At first, Tessa is excited to hear police sirens in the suburbs because it reminds her of New York City and makes her feel more at home.

    But she's not so thrilled when Dallas and Dalia come to stay with them because they're afraid of being burgled.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 5 - Halloween

    Tessa's 'suburban girl' Halloween costume scares everyone at school because it reminds them of Misty, the teenager who used to live in her house but vanished from Chatswin in mysterious circumstances.

    George's attempts to decorate the front garden for Halloween are thwarted by the Neighbourhood Association, headed by Dallas Royce, who hates the spooky celebration.

    George tries to prove to Dallas that being frightened can be fun, but he soon gets a scare of his own.

  • Suburgatory: Dallas

    Episode 6 - Charity Case

    When Tessa sees how much leftover food her classmates throw away every day, she persuades Mr Wolfe to organise a school assembly on the subject of conserving food and 'giving something back'.

    Unfortunately, the student body's notion of charitable giving is not the same as Tessa's.

    Meanwhile, George gives Noah a great deal on a bathroom skylight, but Noah fails to return the favour when he sends George a huge bill for some dental work.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 7 - Sweet Sixteen

    Tessa plans to celebrate her 16th birthday by eating pizza and watching a movie at home with Lisa and Malik.

    However, she agrees to allow Dalia to plan a lavish birthday party at the country club when she discovers that Dallas can arrange for her favourite band to perform at the event.

    Meanwhile, Sheila insists on looking after a reluctant George when he hurts his back, but the unwilling patient soon becomes terrified of his nurse.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 8 - Thanksgiving

    Annoyed that she is stuck in the suburbs at Thanksgiving while George is working in the city, Tessa persuades Dallas to drive her to New York for a girls' day out.

    While there, they spot George kissing a woman in the street and realise that he hasn't gone to work. Tessa is infuriated by his deception and confronts him about it during Thanksgiving dinner at the Royces' house.

    Meanwhile, Lisa rebels against her mother's choice of Thanksgiving costume, so Sheila adopts devious methods to make her daughter cooperate.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 9 - The Nutcracker

    When George breaks up with Zoe, his girlfriend from the city, Tessa overhears the conversation, blames herself for the demise of the relationship and plots to revive it.

    However, she doesn't realise that George has decided to seek love in the suburbs with cute art teacher Aimee.

    George embraces the holiday spirit by throwing a Christmas party, and Tessa invites Zoe to come along, unaware that Aimee will also be present. Who will end up under the mistletoe with George?

  • Suburgatory: George and Tessa

    Episode 10 - Driving Miss Dalia

    Tessa is delighted when she passes her driving test on the first attempt. However, Dalia has failed to get her licence seven times, and she bribes Tessa to drive her around Chatswin in search of her latest crush, Scott.

    Meanwhile, George is annoyed when he decides to join the country club and discovers that Noah is unwilling to sponsor his membership.

  • Suburgatory: Josh and Tessa

    Episode 11 - Out in the Burbs

    Mr Wolfe asks Tessa to show new student Josh around the school. She soon becomes convinced that Josh (guest star Dan Byrd) is gay when, in fact, he's an undercover narcotics officer.

    George reluctantly accepts a job building Dallas a boutique to house her new business, but he finds her constant flirting a trial until circumstances force him to re-evaluate his relationship with her.

  • Suburgatory: Steven, Bambi and Candy

    Episode 12 - The Casino Trip

    While attending a charity fund-raising event, George wins a trip to Atlantic City and turns it into a guys' weekend away by persuading Noah, Fred, Tom and Alex to go with him.

    At the casino, Fred reveals that he has a hidden gambling problem and George spots Dallas's husband Steven, who is supposed to be on a business trip to Singapore, with a mystery woman.

    Meanwhile, back in Chatswin, Tessa tries to get to know Scott a little better, with some help from Lisa.

  • Suburgatory: Scott and Tessa

    Episode 13 - Sex and the Suburbs

    When George discovers the box of condoms that Lisa gave to Tessa, he frets about his daughter becoming sexually active but finds it difficult to talk to her about it. Instead, he tries to keep her at home by organising board game nights with her friends.

    However, the more dates that Tessa has with her boyfriend Scott, the less attracted to him she becomes, as his only topic of conversation is the time he spent in Africa.

    Meanwhile, Dallas comes to an important decision about her marriage after making an unpleasant discovery.

  • Suburgatory: Kenzie, Kaitlin and Dalia

    Episode 14 - The Body

    When there's a vacancy for student body president and Kenzie and Kaitlin make extra gym classes central to their election campaign, Tessa decides to run against them.

    And when Ryan loses a wrestling match, George does his best to convince him there's more to being a man than athletic prowess.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa, Kimantha and Malik

    Episode 15 - Fire with Fire

    Dallas begins spending a lot of time with her good-looking younger boyfriend Yoni (guest star Wilmer Valderrama). This causes tension with George, who thinks Yoni is way too young for Dallas and has ridiculous taste in clothes.

    However, when Jill sees how happy Dallas is, she is inspired to leave Noah and go off in search of a more romantic life.

    Dalia befriends Lisa to get revenge on Tessa for dating Scott, so Tessa gets her own back by recruiting Kimantha as her new best friend.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa

    Episode 16 - Poetic Injustice

    When the croquet season hits Chatswin, Fred and Sheila Shay soon tire of playing the game with Dallas and an ever-changing parade of her young boyfriends, so they ask George to become her new croquet partner.

    However, Fred gets into a tangle when he reads Sheila's diary and assumes that she has a crush on George.

    Meanwhile, Tessa desperately wants to impress her cool new poetry teacher, Ms Evans, but is discouraged when Ms Evans praises Dalia's literary efforts above her own...

  • Suburgatory: George and Tessa

    Episode 17 - Independence Day

    Fed up with having to rely on her father for lifts everywhere, Tessa asks Dallas for a job so that she can afford to buy her own car.

    As the grand opening of her shop approaches, a nervous Dallas invites her old sorority sisters to come and stay to lend moral support.

    However, her arch rival Tulsa (guest star Robin Givens) decides to gate-crash the party.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa and Ryan

    Episode 18 - Down Time

    Dallas's divorce is finalised but George becomes so unsettled by her behaviour that he takes her out shopping with Noah.

    Dalia makes a breakthrough in her therapy with Dr Richard Rohl.

    While Lisa and Malik are trying to set Tessa up on a date with Evan, Tessa is actually out with Ryan Shay.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa and Dalia

    Episode 19 - Entering Eden

    At the Chatswin farmers' market, George meets Eden (guest star Alicia Silverstone) and there is an immediate attraction between them. He soon becomes smitten with his new friend and her healthy eating habits.

    Yakult goes missing and it's up to Tessa and Dalia to find her. Meanwhile, Noah and Jill make a surprising announcement.

  • Suburgatory: Eden

    Episode 20 - Hear No Evil

    Getting serious, George decides that he wants to introduce Eden (guest star Alicia Silverstone) to Tessa.

    However, Tessa is preoccupied with her job at Dallas's shop, where she has been promoted, and when George asks Dallas to reduce Tessa's hours he annoys both of them.

    Meanwhile, Lisa is having doubts about her place in the Shay family.

  • Suburgatory: Lisa and Tessa

    Episode 21 - The Great Compromise

    Tessa struggles to adjust to living with Eden and strongly dislikes the healthy meals that she serves up.

    However, when Tessa considers spending the summer in New York doing an internship, Eden is very supportive, much to George's annoyance.

    Meanwhile, Lisa and Malik must come to a compromise when they want to attend different summer camps.

  • Suburgatory: Tessa, Jill and Helen

    Episode 22 - The Motherload

    Everybody in Chatswin is celebrating Mother's Day, and Eden frets that Tessa may be feeling left out because her mother isn't around.

    Dallas is running a 5km race but is upset that Dalia won't be there to see her cross the finishing line because she's going abroad to see her father.

    Meanwhile, Noah and Jill Werner throw a baby shower with an unusual theme that disturbs Eden.

Suburgatory synopsis

US comedy about an anxious dad who takes his teenage daughter from the mean streets of New York to the clean streets of suburbia in a misguided attempt to protect her from undesirable influences

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