Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 10PM Thu 23 February 2012

As more and more British kids become gripped by dance fever, Strictly Baby Disco opens the door on the new and ultra competitive dance phenomenon - freestyle disco.

Following three nine-year-old girls - Clemmie, Orlaigh and Billie - as they try to knock the reigning champion Karah off her perch, the film discovers a world where children as young as three are contorting their bodies to pull off eye-watering dance moves, and dressing up in wigs, exotic costumes, and make-up that would put Lady Gaga to shame.

They're doing it for the glory of being crowned 'Disco Kid' at the illustrious Blackpool Tower ballroom. But what drives their fierce determination? And how far will they go to win?

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A look behind the scenes of the dazzling, ultra competitive world of kids' freestyle disco