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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan star in director and choreographer Anne Fletcher's teen romance.

At the Maryland School of Arts, Nora Clark (Dewan), a promising ballet student, meets Tyler Gage (Tatum), a rebel who's into street sports, hip hop and petty crime. She's there due to her talent; he's been sentenced to 200 hours community service for vandalising the school.

Tyler instantly fancies Nora, but she has both a boyfriend (Josh Henderson) and a dance partner (Tim Lacatena). The latter is sidelined by an accident, which gives Tyler a chance to show Nora his street moves, as well as to learn from her.

As they grow closer, they collaborate on a piece for her end of season showcase. Success will ensure she can pursue her career, instead of being shipped off to an Ivy League university as her mother threatens; and for him it could mean an escape from delinquency.

How can their friendship become romance while her boyfriend is on the scene? And can he start a new life and stay in touch with his street buddies?

Step Up synopsis

Teen romance set at the Maryland School of Arts, where a promising ballet student meets a rebel on community service

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