Step Up 2 the Streets

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Step Up 2 the Streets

Following her mother's death, Andie (Briana Evigan) finds comfort in her love of dancing. She's a member of the Baltimore 410 crew (named after one of the city's dialling codes), reigning champions of an underground freestyle dancing competition called The Streets.

However, unhappy at her declining academic efforts at school and the 410's shady reputation, Andie's guardian Sarah (Sonja Sohn) threatens to send the teen to live with her aunt in Texas.

Andie evades that fate by enrolling in the Maryland School of the Arts. But the move alienates her from the 410 and estrangement turns to fierce rivalry when Andie puts together a new crew with her MSA friends, who set their sights on taking The Streets title for themselves.

Also starring Robert Hoffman as Andie's romantic interest.

(2008) Cert: PG

Step Up 2 the Streets synopsis

Briana Evigan stars in this musical drama whose focus is firmly on its spectacular dance sequences

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