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Star Trek

In order to foil a Romulan attack, George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) sacrifices himself, having first arranged for an escape pod to take his pregnant wife to safety.

Around 20 years later, the young tearaway James T Kirk (Pine) is encouraged to join the Starfleet Academy by Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood). At the same time, an equally youthful Spock (Quinto) throws in his lot with humankind and enlists with Starfleet, having had enough of the Vulcan racism directed at him due to his half-human parentage.

The two recruits instantly clash. But they must overcome their differences if they are to survive a vengeful visitor from the future, who's determined to make Spock pay for his part in an atrocity that's yet to be committed...

Also starring Eric Bana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and Winona Ryder.

Star Trek synopsis

JJ Abram's sci-fi adventure prequel, starring Chris Pine and Zacchary Quinto, uses the twin devices of a parallel timeline and time travel to boldly move the franchise in a new direction

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