Channel 4 has taken the unprecedented step of publishing a detailed refutation of 'an international propaganda offensive' launched by supporters of the Sri Lankan government against its reporting of events at the end of Sri Lanka's bloody civil war.

Channel 4's News and Current Affairs journalists have led the way in exposing the country's war crimes, culminating in the broadcast of the feature length documentary No Fire Zone - a forensic investigation into the final weeks of the bloody civil war in Sri Lanka.

In November 2013, Prime Minister, David Cameron, called for an independent investigation into the events at the end of the Sri Lankan civil war after viewing the 'truly shocking' footage that features in No Fire Zone.

In March 2014, the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva will consider calls for the creation of an International Commission of Inquiry into all the crimes committed in the final months of the war.

But now, in an attempt to discredit Channel 4 and suppress legitimate reporting of these war crimes, supporters of the Sri Lankan government have produced a 222 page propaganda book called Corrupted Journalism: Channel 4 and Sri Lanka which has been distributed widely around the world to diplomats, journalists and academics. The authors of Corrupted Journalism remain anonymous and the source of its funding is a mystery.

To counter this misleading attack on its journalism, Channel 4 has taken the unusual step of publishing a detailed 20,000 word rebuttal titled The Uncorrupted Truth.

Download The Uncorrupted Truth (PDF 3MB).