It's all greek to me...

S-I-G-M-A G-A-M-M-A. Don't know your pledge from your rush? Fear not young fellows, swot up on sorority terms here. LYLAS!

Sorority terms

Pledge: A member who has received a provisional invitation to join the Sorority, but who has not yet been initiated into the Sorority as a Sister. In Sorority Girls, the 14 British girls who move into the Sigma Gamma house are Pledges.

Greek: A term signifying membership to a Greek Society. Fraternity - meaning Brotherhood for boys, or Sorority - meaning Sisterhood for girls.

Chapter: The branch of the Sorority at a specific university. Sigma Gamma Leeds is the first Chapter of Sigma Gamma UK.

Philanthropy: Charitable works.

Rush: The first stage of recruitment to the Sorority to which anyone can attend.

Pref Night: The second and final stage in the Rush process in which the 'preferred candidates' are invited to a formal evening event.

PNM: 'Potential New Member' or a 'Rushee' is the term used by Sisters to describe girls who have applied to be in the Sorority, but have not yet been given a formal Bid.

Bid: A formal invitation to become a 'Pledge member' of the Sorority. Bids are usually represented by a Sorority symbol and consist of an item of clothing or jewellery that differentiates the member from an active. A Sigma Gamma Bid consists of the pink Pledge Pearls.

Pledging: The process in which girls attempt to be initiated into the Sorority.

Presents: (pron: Pree-zents) An official ceremony in which a Pledge class is formally presented as Sorority members to their friends and families.

Social Probation: a probationary period in which a member must perform challenges or is excluded from events, usually as a result from bad behaviour or failing to complete challenges or trials.

Pledge Cut: A weekly meeting in which Pledge's performance is evaluated. During this meeting Pledges can be stripped of their Bids and 'cut' from the Sorority.

Initiation: The formal ritualistic ceremony in which Pledges become active members of the Sorority. In Sorority Girls this takes place at the very end of the series.

Sorority Slang:

Rush Crush: A PNM who is a desirable candidate for the Sorority. Specifically a Sister's 'crush' who they simply have to have in their house.

Rush Slut: A PNM who is not a desirable candidate for the Sorority. Specifically someone who a Sister does not want in the house.

Frat: Fraternity; a brother organization to a Sorority consisting of male university students.

Raid: An event with a Fraternity in which Fraternity members attack the Sorority House and select a girl to be their date on an evening out.

Fraternity Sweetheart: A sorority member selected by a Fraternity that represents their ideals of the perfect Sorority woman.

Icing: The act of presenting a Sorority or Fraternity member with an alcopop. Greek tradition dictates they must get on their knees and chug said alcopop.

Shack: The act of 'sleeping over' at a boy's house after a night out.

SNSG: "So Not Sigma Gamma" An expression of disapproval.

Sorry ‘Bout It: "I'm really NOT sorry about it".

PLCs: "Poor Life Choices" When a Sorority member or Pledge makes a bad decision, usually involving behaviour.

Woof: Ugly, referring to face or outfit. E.g. "That skirt is really woof'.

Sorostitute: A derogatory term for a Sister or Pledge who dresses or behaves in an inappropriately sexual fashion.

Slooter Cahooter: A teasing term for a Sister or Pledge who has dressed or behaved in an inappropriately sexual fashion, but does not usually do so.

Wawaweewa: An informal expression of pleasure, specifically when a Sorority Sister looks sexy.

LYLAS!: "Love You Like a Sister!" An expression of endearment amongst Sorority members.