Series 1 Episode 5
First Broadcast: 12AM Thu 14 December 1995

The most important thing about beef, is that it is well hung - for two weeks, according to Graham. The meat should be dark in colour with a creamy covering of fat.

Sophie goes to Somerset in search of the best beef - from traditional British breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, fed on the finest grass.

Salt beef is a Jewish tradition, so Sophie goes to Golders Green in London to sample it. David Gilbert is a kosher butcher. He prepares the beef using traditional methods - salting, washing and deveining. The tradition is linked to the preservation of the meat.

Brisket is used because of its unique flavour and texture. Here, it is tenderised, spiced and cooked by David, and enjoyed by Sophie.

Fillet beef is wonderfully tender but can sometimes lack flavour. Sophie spices it up with a sweet-and-sour Thai flavour made with fish sauce and chilli. At the cheaper end of the cow, the shin is perfect for slow cooking in stews and casseroles.

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