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Solomon Kane

At the beginning, Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is essentially a West Country bandit who cares little about the degree of violence employed in his pursuit of plunder.

But he's given cause to reassess his chosen path while sacking a castle that, unbeknown to him, is allied to the Devil. Kane's men are slaughtered and a demonic creature tries to drag Kane's soul to Hell.

Kane survives, but it's a Damascene moment: he repents and joins a monastery. Unfortunately, the monks don't want such a cursed soul in their midst and soon eject him.

Instead, Kane finds peace, happiness and worth with a hardworking Puritan family (headed by Pete Postlethwaite). But they too are attacked by the Devil's agents. Most of the family is killed and their daughter Meredith (Rachel Hurd-Wood) is abducted.

So Kane dons his cape and capotain hat, picks up his guns and swords, and heads off on another bloody rampage. Only this time he's fighting for God and to rescue Meredith...

(2009) Cert: 15