Small Animal Hospital

  • Episode 1 - Shadow the Labrador and Dudley the Pig

    Shadow, a black Labrador, has problems with his back legs that are causing great concern for his owners

  • Episode 2 - Max, Lardy Labs and Rebellious Reptiles

    Max the spaniel has suspected meningitis; some lardy Labs go head to head in a weight loss competition; and John comes face to face with some rebellious reptiles

  • Episode 3 - Nico the Japanese Akita and Oscar the Cat

    Nico, a Japanese Akita, needs emergency treatment after colliding with his brother. And can John help fat cat Oscar shed some of his unwanted pounds?

  • Episode 4 - Cara the Collie and Mischief the Cat

    Cara the collie comes into the hospital suffering from breathing difficulties. And John meets Mischief the cat, whose thyroid problem requires a 'radioactive' solution.

  • Episode 5 - Hooligan Jack and Milly the Collie

    There's a horse called Hooligan Jack with hoof problems in the hospital. And can a dose of acupuncture relieve Molly the collie's stiffness?

  • Episode 6 - A Westie and Angus the Sheepdog

    A westie with heart problems requires a high tech solution and John can't help but get emotionally attached to Angus the Shetland sheepdog

  • Episode 7 - German Shepherd Puppies and Alfie

    Alfie the boisterous chocolate Lab is making life difficult for the vets and John Barrowman is in his element when a litter of German Shepherd puppies need help with being fed

  • Episode 8 - Rocky the Rebel and Percy

    John Barrowman attends a puppy party where he attempts to help train Rocky the rebel. And a pony called Percy has his life turned upside down.

  • Episode 9 - Toby the Poodle and a Snake

    John Barrowman meets Toby the poodle, whose funny walk has the vets stumped. And X-raying a snake is easier said than done.

  • Episode 10 - Bailey the Boxer and Honey the Golden Retriever

    John Barrowman visits a veterinary dermatologist to meet Bailey the boxer, who can't stop scratching. And Honey the golden retriever is limping badly and may need surgery.

  • Episode 11 - Molly the Collie and Cheeky Boy the Yorkshire Terrier

    John Barrowman witnesses an attempt through pioneering surgery to save Molly the collie's eye. He also helps out with Cheeky Boy the Yorkshire terrier's hydrotherapy session.

  • Episode 12 - Kodi the Spaniel and Benson the Cat

    John Barrowman takes a special shine to a spaniel called Kodi, and it's a worrying time for the owner of Benson the cat

  • Episode 13 - First Aid Training and Bailey the Beagle

    John Barrowman meets Bailey the beagle and gets some hands-on first aid training

  • Episode 14 - Ellie the Horse and Cleo the Cat

    John Barrowman meets Ellie the horse, whose surgery threatens to go badly wrong, and Cleo the cat provides John with a trip down memory lane

  • Episode 15 - Callie the Collie

    A trip to the doggy dentist is a bit of a challenge for host John Barrowman. And the reason for Callie the Collie's anxious behaviour is a mystery.

  • Episode 16 - Emergency Animal Hospital

    This peak-time extended episode features a Labrador that's suffered a sudden collapse and a terrier with cancer in his jaw

  • Episode 17 - Emergency Animal Hospital

    The team investigate a poodle's life-threatening joint condition, while Molly the collie faces make or break surgery to save her left eye

  • Episode 18 - Emergency Animal Hospital

    John and the team meet a young pug with a serious spinal problem and a collie that's frightened of flies

  • Episode 19 - A Standard Poodle and Dudley the Greedy Pig

    John meets a standard poodle with a non-standard gait and Dudley, a greedy pig

  • Episode 20 - Rescued Rabbits and Labrador Ligaments

    John visits a rescued rabbit centre. Back at the hospital he befriends a Labrador with damaged ligaments.

  • Episode 21 - Horse Surgery and Max the Spaniel

    John visits an equine centre where a young mare is undergoing complex surgery. Back at the hospital he meets Max, a spaniel who has been diagnosed with meningitis.

  • Episode 22 - Cat with a Mouth Tumour and Zander the Corn Snake

    John meets a brave cat who has developed a mouth tumour. Back at the hospital, Zander the corn snake has become triangular in shape because of weight loss.

  • Episode 23 - A Homesick Collie and Nico the Japanese Akita

    John meets a homesick collie who has been admitted to receive treatment for an eye tumour, and Japanese Akita Nico, who has lost control of his back legs

  • Episode 24 - Mischief the Cat and a Puppy Party

    Mischief the cat gets a radioactive injection for his weight loss. Mischief couldn't care less about this peculiar treatment, but the same can't be said for John, who finds comfort at a puppy party.