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Sister Act

Whoopi Goldberg stars in Emile Ardolino's comedy thriller as Deloris Van Cartier, a lounge singer at a casino managed by her lover Vince LaRocca (Harvey Keitel).

He's also a drugs baron and when she accidentally interrupts him in the process of rubbing out a stool pigeon, she has to run for her life. To keep her safe until LaRocca can be charged, the police arrange for her to become Sister Mary Clarence at a nunnery overseen by stern Mother Superior (Maggie Smith).

But you can't keep a good singer down and Sister Mary has soon so successfully invigorated the choir with her musical talent that the church is packed - and there is even a call from Rome for a Papal performance.

Unfortunately, thanks to an inside man in the police department, LaRocca learns of her whereabouts and sets out to prevent her testifying; can her new found friends, the nuns, protect her?

(1992) PG

Sister Act synopsis

Whoopi Goldberg plays a singer who, witnessing a mob murder, is sent by the police to hide out in a nunnery run by Maggie Smith, where she soon has the choir rocking

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