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A team of world-weary paramedics are forced to confront the dregs of society - not to mention their own inadequacies - in this comedy drama

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A team of world-weary paramedics are forced to confront the dregs of society - not to mention their own inadequacies - in this comedy drama

Series 1 Summary

British Comedy Award winner Kayvan Novak, Rhys Thomas. Richard Madden and Amy Beth Hayes star in a series from Brian Fillis, inspired by Tom Reynolds' book Blood, Sweat and Tea.

Swept along by an endless tide of bodily fluids (rarely their own), the trio of world-weary paramedics bicker, fight and shag their way through the darkly funny maelstrom of their lives. Behind the uniforms, the sirens, and the fast driving, they are three ordinary blokes trying to make it through yet another shift.

But once they've finished saving other people's lives, will they be able to salvage their own?

  • Sirens: Rachid

    Episode 1

    The team attend a major road traffic collision where Stuart takes the radical decision to give an open-heart massage to jump-start a woman's heart.

    Back at A&E the lads feel the effects of the shock and adrenaline, and are forced to see the hospital counsellor.

    Attractive new counsellor Kirsty, played by Morven Christie, advises them that they'll start out feeling fairly euphoric, may grow restless and horny, but ultimately become depressed.

    Stuart gives his own take on this, and then pledges to control his predicted mood swings. He heads round to his best mate Maxine's house to avoid temptation - will he succeed?

  • Sirens: Stuart

    Episode 2

    Stuart, Rachid and Ashley find their male pride rattled by the lads from the local fire brigade.

    As the team make a drop-off in A&E, Stuart observes the waiting room is awash with the dregs of humanity and proclaims he's proud that he is 'biologically incapable of adding to its vile and dirty ranks'. Yes, he's firing blanks.

    When Ashley and Rachid tease him that he's not getting any anyway, he drops a bombshell; he has a date - with Angie, played by Charlene McKenna, a student and eco-campaigner he met a few weeks back.

    As soon as he's alone, Stuart digs out her number and quickly arranges the date. After a shaky start, things are going well with Angie, but Stuart seems to be behaving in a macho way that neither he nor his friends recognise.

    Is it Angie's mystique that's having this effect on him, or is it something more powerful than that?

  • Sirens: Rachid

    Episode 3

    The paramedics are called out to a young male in a student house who is suffering from drug-induced paranoia.

    When Rachid goes to talk with a neighbour, he comes across a scary 'purple job' - someone who killed themselves quite a while ago.

    The realisation that 'Purple Phil' (played by Felix Scott) wasn't missed by anyone for a fortnight sets off an unlikely chain reaction for ladies' man Rachid.

    Convinced he doesn't want to meet his maker in similarly lonely circumstances, Rachid decides there is only one answer - he needs to settle down.

    Only thing is, he's got to find the girl to do it with...

  • Sirens: Maureen, Rachid and Ashley

    Episode 4

    When Woodvine, played by Annie Hulley, threatens to split up the lads, Stuart's promise that 'his' crew will up their game sparks an immediate challenge to his leadership from Rachid.

    Stuart may believe that the alpha male is the cleverest rather than strongest member of the pack, but will Rachid's determination to prove him wrong cost him his crown?

    Meanwhile, Ashley has an alpha male secret of his own, while Maxine tries to bring out her feminine side to appeal to internet date Derek, played by Graham O'Mara.

  • Sirens: Maxine and colleague

    Episode 5

    Stuart is in denial about the stresses of his job so decides to focus on Maxine's unsettled feelings about fireman Craig, played by Ben Batt, and how they're threatening her chances of promotion.

    Although he attempts to find subtle ways to reassure Maxine that Craig is really into her, is Stuart really the right man to play Cupid, or will he end up creating more stress for both of them?

  • Sirens: Ambulance Man

    Episode 6

    In the series finale, Stuart is confronted with a life and death situation, which hits closer to home than expected.

    Having spent the whole of his adult life trying to deny his true feelings, Stuart is going to need a special friend to help him through this troubling time. The question, when Maxine is so wrapped up in Craig, is who?

    Meanwhile, Ashley is surprised to find he's gained a live-in boyfriend, and Rachid's future as a member of the crew suddenly doesn't look so certain...

Sirens synopsis

A team of world-weary paramedics are forced to confront the dregs of society - not to mention their own inadequacies - in this comedy drama

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