Shrink Rap

  • Pilot Show - Robin Williams

    Psychologist Dr Pamela Connolly talks to comedian and Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams about his unusual childhood, and his problems with substance abuse and his first sexual experiences.

  • Salman Rushdie

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Booker Prize winning author Sir Salman Rushdie, famed as much for his writing as for his four marriages and the Iranian fatwa that forced him into hiding for a decade.

  • Kathleen Turner

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to actress Kathleen Turner. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she took to drink to ease the pain. She talks about the illness and how she coped with drinking.

  • Tony Curtis

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Tony Curtis about his violent mother, his guilt over the death of his younger brother and his relationships with some of the most famous women in the world

  • Gene Simmons

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Gene Simmons, one of America's most successful rock stars to find out what lies behind his relentless need for success and self-gratification.

  • Sharon Osbourne

    Sharon Osbourne is one of the best-known women in Britain. But her childhood was chaotic. Her father - pop manager Don Arden - was a disciplinarian who would lock her in the coalhole for punishment.

  • Stephen Fry

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Stephen Fry. She sets out to explore how fame has affected his psyche and why his celebrated mind has at times been in such torment that he has even tried to kill himself.

  • David Blunkett

    David Blunkett talks movingly to Dr Pamela Connolly about his 'worst hour' - when his adored father was fatally scalded in an accident - and about his public split from Kimberly Quinn

  • Sarah, Duchess of York

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Sarah, Duchess of York about her problems with weight and self-image, and her difficult childhood

  • Chris Langham

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to comedian and writer Chris Langham on his release from jail. He talks openly about the abuse he endured as a child, his addictions, his trial and imprisonment.

  • Joan Rivers

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to comedian Joan Rivers to find out what makes her so funny, why she hates her body, what she is like when the jokes stop and what sex is like in your 70s.

  • Billy Connolly

    In a one-off special of the acclaimed psychologically-based interview show, Shrink Rap , Dr Pamela Connolly puts her husband on the couch

  • Carrie Fisher

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Carrie Fisher about what it was like to have her father leave home for Elizabeth Taylor, marriage to Paul Simon, and her 35-year-battle with bipolar

  • Heather Mills

    Dr Pamela Connolly talks to Heather Mills about how she survived an unhappy childhood, the accident in which she lost her left leg below the knee, and her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney