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How To Pull

Is there an art to pulling? Meet the people who think there is, as we follow them on a night out, trying to spark that instant attraction.

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How to Pull

  1. The Glamour Shark
    The Glamour Shark

    Verity wears her most revealing outfit to attract guys on the dance floor

  2. The Pickup Artist
    The Pickup Artist

    Genald is a professional dating coach who uses a technique he calls 'push pull'

  3. Hunt Like a Lion
    Hunt Like a Lion

    Hunting in a pack with some mates, Kieran uses his wingmen to seduce groups of ladies

  4. The Lost Puppy
    The Lost Puppy

    Brad gets attention by pretending he's lost, but will guys see past his puppy dog eyes?

Drinking with...

  1. Roller Derby Girls
    Roller Derby Girls

    Ross talks skates and skirts while enjoying his first Jägerbomb

  2. Steampunks

    Cultural explorer Ross learns the ways of Steampunk culture over a glass of gin or two

  3. Bikers

    Ross meets bearded men of the road and talks engines over a glass of dandelion and burdock

  4. Juggalos

    Adventurous septuagenarian Ross delves into the underground world of hip hop

First Dates


Here's eight of our very favourite moments from the first two series of First Dates. And don't worry... DJ Terry Turbo is in there, with some of his quickest courting ever.

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The Black Lesbian Handbook

  1. The Scene
    The Scene

    The Scene (n.): Underground Black Lesbian community

  2. Head and Straps
    Head and Straps

    Straps (n. pl.): Sex toys popular with lesbians

  3. The Token
    The Token

    Token (n.): Minority white girl on The Scene

  4. The Stud
    The Stud

    Stud (n.): The masculine one in a lesbian relationship

All Shorts Available to Watch On Demand

  1. 24 Hour Party Politics
    24 Hour Party Politics

    Follow Bez, the Happy Monday taking on corporate monsters and political schemers in his own unique style.

  2. The Art of Foley: Comedy Blaps
    The Art of Foley: Comedy Blaps

    Comedy series about two Foley artists, Roger and Roger, who haven't worked on a hit in years

  3. Bad Dates
    Bad Dates

    True, painful and hilarious dating stories from real people, re-enacted by actors

  4. Bad Robots
    Bad Robots

    Tired of being taken for granted, technology is rising up against humans - the robots are coming.

All Shorts continued...

  1. The Black Lesbian Handbook
    The Black Lesbian Handbook

    A lively guide to the underground Black Lesbian scene in Britain

  2. Body Mods
    Body Mods

    Now that tattoos are mainstream, are body modifications the new tattoos? Real, full-on bodily rebellion?

  3. Comedy Blaps
    Comedy Blaps

    Channel 4's vehicle for delivering fresh comedy talent in moreish, bite-sized chunks

  4. Channel 4 Comedy: Picks
    Channel 4 Comedy: Picks

    Some of the best moments from some of our favourite comedies...

All Shorts continued...

  1. Craic Addicts
    Craic Addicts

    Craic Addicts reviews the messed-up internet and real-life trends that are set to dominate your life

  2. Daughters and Fathers
    Daughters and Fathers

    What daughters really think of their fathers. What fathers really think of their daughters.

  3. Drinking with...
    Drinking with...

    Seventy-seven-year-old drinks connoisseur Ross Harvey loves meeting new people and trying new things

  4. Drones

    Unique glimpses into the creepiest, weirdest Forbidden Zones of the UK. Drone flights like you've never seen before.

All Shorts continued...

  1. Double Vision
    Double Vision

    Key life events - from first dates to childbirth - seen from the different perspectives of the two people involved

  2. Educating Binky
    Educating Binky

    Mark Francis takes the hapless Binky on a couture tour of London to educate her in the ways of high-end style

  3. Educating: What I Wish I'd Known
    Educating: What I Wish I'd Known

    Students from Educating Essex and Yorkshire reveal a piece of advice they wish they could have given their teenage selves

  4. First Dates: Picks
    First Dates: Picks

    From monumental mismatches to the cutest of couplings, we take a trip through the ups and downs of First Dates

All Shorts continued...

  1. Futurgasm

    KG goes to San Fran to check out the latest tech and social trends and see Which crazes will make it this side of the water

  2. Food Secrets
    Food Secrets

    Kate Quilton uncovers the good, the bad and the ugly food secrets lurking in your kitchen.

  3. Four to the Floor
    Four to the Floor

    Celebrating music you love with intimate access and passion-fueled performances from this generation's most tipped artists

  4. Guy Martin's Passion for Life
    Guy Martin's Passion for Life

    A series of films that reveal Guy's complex character featuring exclusive access to his normally off-limits private life

All Shorts continued...

  1. Made in Chelsea: Normal for Chelsea
    Made in Chelsea: Normal for Chelsea

    Every Channel 4 show bends the idea of normal, through characters, opinions and situations. But what is or isn't 

  2. Made in Chelsea: Picks
    Made in Chelsea: Picks

    Made In Chelsea rolled into tiny packages. Expect flirting, awkward silences, insane parties and plenty of eye rolling.

  3. Made Over in Chelsea
    Made Over in Chelsea

    A week full of parties and their differing takes on fashion, Rosie and Jamie are made over as you've never seen them before

  4. Mad On Chelsea
    Mad On Chelsea

    The ultimate Made in Chelsea super-fan show, hosted by your favourite MiC cast, featuring you, the fans!

All Shorts Continued...

  1. Makers

    Celebrating creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about quality, attention-to-detail and craftsmanship

  2. Mashed

    #mashed is jam packed with 100% original comedy clips from awesome YouTube talent

  3. My Secret Tattoo
    My Secret Tattoo

    The unlikeliest people have the unlikeliest tattoos in the unlikeliest places, and now their secrets are revealed

  4. Not Safe For Work: Picks
    Not Safe For Work: Picks

    Get up close and personal with some adult-themed shows. Birds do it. Bees do it. Even we at 4oD do it...

All Shorts Continued...

  1. Online and Lying
    Online and Lying

    Why are our online lives so different from our real lives, and what effect does this have on us, our friends and our family

  2. One Born Every Minute: The Dads
    One Born Every Minute: The Dads

    Three men in their 20s embark on a life-changing adventure, offering insight to the challenges and rewards of becoming a dad

  3. Random Acts
    Random Acts

    Showcasing diverse, specially commissioned three-minute films chosen for their bold and original expressions of creativity

  4. Selfies

    Four young Brits film themselves as they live through dramatic, life-changing moments

All Shorts Continued...

  1. Sam Simmons: Wallstud: Comedy Blaps
    Sam Simmons: Wallstud: Comedy Blaps

    Sam Simmons is a Wallstud... he divides the room. He is not good at people, he has a weird looking head...

  2. Tattoo Twists
    Tattoo Twists

    The human stories behind tattoos that get covered up or changed, for all kinds of reasons

  3. Taxi Gags
    Taxi Gags

    Comedy in a cab! It's the funniest journey you'll ever take, as comics share their jokes, stories, rants and confessions.

  4. The Complete History Of…
    The Complete History Of…

    Pompous Professor Martins (the Mighty Boosh's Rich Fulcher) is on a mission to discover the history of modern trends

All Shorts Continued...

  1. The Inbetweeners Picks
    The Inbetweeners Picks

    We examine the most memorable, hilarious - and often disgusting - moments from The Inbetweeners

  2. Tofu

    The British public, porn stars and casts of Cucumber and Banana share their sex confessions and disastrous encounters

  3. Toast of London: Picks
    Toast of London: Picks

    We pulled together some of our favourite bits from the daily life of actor Stephen Toast

  4. Total Recast
    Total Recast

    Remakes of blockbusters starring ordinary people. Filmed in one day. With pocket money.

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Two Players

Stars kick back on our sofa for a chat while playing some of the newest, best and worst video games

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World War 1 Shorts

Disabled artists present unorthodox takes on the legacies of war and disability