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Secrets of a Good Marriage with Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan says 'everyone knows what they want from a wedding - drunk by noon, quick go on a bridesmaid, chocolate fountain - but what do we want from a marriage?'

Marriage is a serious, lifelong commitment but nobody tells you how to do it. Sharon gatecrashes six very different marriages and a wedding in a bid to open up the private world of husbands and wives.

Sharon meets six different couples to explore the essence of a lifelong and happy marriage. She wants to find out how they've made it work and what she can learn about marriage from their relationships.

Sharon spends time with tantric sex teachers Kavida and Roland who think there's no reason why marriage should get in the way of a 'mind-blowing sex life'. Everything they do together is sexy, whether it's shopping, walking or even drinking tea.

Chris and Norma have a 32-year age gap in their marriage; he was 18 when he was bewitched by 50-year-old Norma on holiday. Lydia and Andrew have swapped roles; she's the alpha female and he's the house husband.

Steven and Shelly saved their marriage by the 'elimination of feminism in their relationship' and now run a marriage website. Louella's husband isn't interested in sex but tolerates her having a lover so they can stay happily married.

Finally, Sharon meets Chas and Diane and Jo and Graham - two couples who've lived together in the same house for 23 years. Diane and Jo are identical twins and their four children have been raised as siblings. The couples share everything, except for their bedrooms and each other's partners...

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Sharon Horgan meets people taking on life's challenges in distinctive ways

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