Series 2 Episode 2
First Broadcast: 10PM Wed 9 January 2013

Sharon Horgan meets six women who have gone through midlife crises to find out what happened, and how they coped or even transformed themselves.

Gaynor's husband dumped her for the woman next door.

Businesswoman Nicky, who's 40, is divorced, with debts, and her midlife crisis was a series of tragedies. Her parents and baby son died, but while she raised her other son, alone, on benefits, she re-invented herself.

Leila is single and has always wanted babies; she's been married twice but never had children and feels like time is running out. She's doing artificial insemination with sperm donors but what she really wants is a 'co-parent' - a man who wants to be part of her child's life.

Can any of these women's experiences make Sharon feel better about approaching middle age?

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