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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

About the Show

Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

Series 8 Summary

Hit Paul Abbott-created drama about the dysfunctional Gallaghers who live on a housing estate in Manchester.

  • Episode 1

    Libby and Frank's wedding plans are thrown into chaos when Frank disappears from his stag do. Meanwhile, Mimi and her surprise baby daughter Cilla move back in with her boys, but who's the daddy?

  • Episode 2

    Frank is still Awol and Libby is distraught that Monica is demanding custody of Stella and Liam, while Karen is keen to move forward as a family in counselling

  • Episode 3

    Grim footage of Frank on his stag do shocks Libby, while Frank is still lost in his sci-fi odyssey. And when the school fails its Ofsted report, Shane decides to branch out into school security.

  • Episode 4

    Karen and Connor return hoping to start afresh, until Karen bumps into Frank at the psychiatric hospital. Sita is distraught when she fails her exams. Her lecturer offers to help, but with conditions.

  • Episode 5

    The clock is ticking as Frank and Libby have only 24 hours to get married to save the family home. He plans to break out of the psychiatric hospital, while Libby plans to break in...

  • Episode 6

    Carl sets up a valet business to earn cash for his birthday, and Jamie, who's impressed with Carl's work, offers him a job with the Maguires, which gives Carl the status to attract Sita's attention...

  • Episode 7

    Kelly and Shane's new business lands them in trouble when a customer gets more than they bargained for when they try to fulfil their sexual fantasy

  • Episode 8

    Micky and Aidan come up with a very shameless take on the Robin Hood story as they rob the rich to give to themselves. But it's not long before the police are involved.

  • Episode 9

    Mimi is suffering from insomnia and soon real life and dreams begin to merge when she becomes consumed with paranoia and ghosts. Meanwhile, Shane and Kelly are literally out in the cold.

  • Episode 10

    Micky pines for somebody to love so when the opportunity arises for him to adopt a cat it becomes the perfect outlet for his paternal urges. No cats were harmed during the making of this episode.

  • Episode 11

    Kelly is outraged to discover that Lillian has formally adopted Bonnie and given her the business. With Bonnie as the new brothel boss, it isn't long before she shows her true colours.

  • Episode 12

    Mimi is surprised when her brother Bobbi turns up to announce he's soon to become her sister! Jackson dabbles in local politics, while Shane's new clamping business causes mayhem.

  • Episode 13

    A charity night at the Jockey ends in disaster and the Maguire family in shame. Meanwhile Libby's new friendship with Martin helps her rediscover her passion for literature.

  • Episode 14

    Paddy returns to the Chatsworth in a coffin. Karen sets up a kids' entertainment business, and when a catfight with a sexy rival is popular with the dads, she finds a new way to make extra cash.

  • Episode 15

    Avril's keeping secrets from her family: she's got no job and no money, but there's always a gift to hand; something doesn't add up! It's only a matter of time before someone discovers the truth.

  • Episode 16

    While cleaning the windows, Jackson spots Letitia kissing Dee Davies in her bedroom and goes berserk. Karen's fed up with how she's treated in her own pub and plots to get her power back.

  • Episode 17

    A new gang rolls onto the Chatsworth with an unlikely mission: to save the souls of the community. Jesus O'Toole leads the group and seems to know too much about certain residents.

  • Episode 18

    The landmark 100th episode. Mickey gives Mimi an ultimatum: either the new boiler goes or he does. And there's uproar in The Jockey when Frank pockets Cynthia's scratch card.

  • Episode 19

    Aidan's bad behaviour has landed him in court, but it's Patty who'll decide the outcome. Cilla's abduction forces Mimi to face her past and her family. And Micky helps Marty do up the flat.

  • Episode 20

    Marty needs a job fast and turns to crime to tide him over, but he's not a smooth criminal, and using items borrowed from the Maguires wasn't the smartest plan...

  • Episode 21

    Mimi might wear the trousers in the family, but it's time Billy pulled his weight, so Mimi sets a profitable challenge to test his manhood. And Micky takes over the community service play.

  • Episode 22

    The game is up for Billy and Mimi when Micky catches them in a compromising position. And while Mimi is over the moon, Billy is bricking it as the Maguire brothers are out for his blood...