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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

Series 6 Summary

Multi-award-winning drama Shameless returns to the Chatsworth Estate for the sixth series. Ian is attacked and left shaken and confused as to what he could have done to provoke it. When the stranger strikes again, Ian is left hospitalised and there's more bad news when he regains consciousness: he's got amnesia. Suddenly he's an alien amongst his own family and friends, and even his own sexuality is a mystery.

  • Episode 1

    Ian is assaulted, and left shaken and confused about his attacker's motive. When the stranger strikes again, Ian is left hospitalised - and there's more bad news when he regains consciousness: he's got amnesia.

    Suddenly he's an alien amongst his own family and friends, and even his own sexuality is a mystery.

    Meanwhile it's Debbie's 16th birthday. Tom decides it's time to go public with their relationship, but Debbie has doubts about whether they ever really had one...

    Kelly has bad news for Shane about her pregnancy, and Frank and Monica are faced with an impossible challenge over newborn baby Stella.

    And Ian's amnesia brings him a whole new perspective on his life, leaving him questioning if Chatsworth is the place for him after all.

  • Episode 2

    With the launch night of the newly redecorated Jockey looming, Jamie and Karen are feeling the pressure in their relationship. The honeymoon period is well and truly over - but can a lesbian encounter put the spice back into their marriage?

    In the wake of Ian's departure, Micky looks to expand his horizons and enrols on a film course. Soon Micky discovers a hidden talent, and some new friends in the shape of his tutor Liz and her husband Ady. The couple soon introduce him to the world of swinging when they seduce him into bed.

    An accident sends Carl to hospital where he takes up a job and is befriended by auxiliary nurse Maxine. Maxine is introduced to the rest of the Gallaghers, but Carl feels left out when Debbie and Maxine spark up a friendship.

    Meanwhile Stan's attempts to bond with Chesney and Meena land them in trouble with the police and Norma makes a grim discovery while refurbishing the Jockey. And Mandy meets a new man in the form of Jamie's football team mate, Joe.

  • Episode 3

    Frank is shocked to discover he's been a victim of identity fraud and even more horrified that, as a result, his record has been wiped clean and he's eligible for jury service. He's soon enjoying the perks of claimed expenses as he and fellow juror Helen conspire to delay the verdict for as long as possible. Will their closeness affect the outcome of the court case?

    Mickey and Shane scam tourists with their 'Madchester' tours of Manchester in Mickey's limo. When complaints are reported, Mickey is hotly pursued by Carrie, and in his bid for escape through a dilapidated building both end up handcuffed and trapped together. Soon Mickey and Carrie are sharing their private thoughts and things take an intimate turn.

    Elsewhere, with Katie unable to settle at night in the Gallagher house because of baby Stella, Mandy comes to the conclusion that it is time to move on - but with a broody Mimi desperately wanting Mandy and Katie home, how will she take the news of Mandy's new choice of abode?

    Tom is less than impressed by Stan's efforts to cheer him up and a prank war ensues.

  • Episode 4

    Monica is feeling neglected when her sexual advances are rejected by Frank, and she's determined to get her groove back. Can a hypnotist night at the Jockey be the answer to her problems?

    Carl's new job leads to a sexy encounter. However, he begins to worry when he experiences pain passing water. Diagnosed with an STI, Carl embarks on a mission to inform all his past sexual conquests.

    Meanwhile, the Maguires are outraged when they discover that the grave of son Fergal has been desecrated. Paddy sets out to catch the culprits, but a female stranger catches his attention instead...

    Mandy gets body conscious when Karen offers a bikini wax after overhearing how Mandy's new boyfriend, Joe, hates hairy women.

    Elsewhere, Mickey's relationship with the married couple hits a brick wall when he discovers the true sexuality of the husband; and Jamie's dirty text to Karen goes awry when it is sent to the wrong mobile. But who is the recipient?

  • Episode 5

    Karen and Jamie's relationship is rocked when Karen suffers a miscarriage. Both unaware of the pregnancy, the two try to come to terms with what's happened. However, the Maguire's reaction to the loss of a 'grandson' only heightens the friction in Jamie and Karen's relationship.

    Debbie is pleased when Liam wins a modelling competition she entered him in. In the interest of a cash prize, and a photo shoot in Blackpool, Debbie is determined to keep it hush-hush from Monica. But when Monica gets wind of this, she invites herself along on the trip, much to the family's disappointment...

    Tom takes his prank war with Stan too far, and Carl makes a list of the sexiest women on the Chatsworth estate.

  • Episode 6

    Disorientated and chained to a bed in a strange room, Paddy wakes to discover he can't remember where he is or how he got there.

    Enter Maureen, the woman he's been secretly seeing ever since they met in the graveyard, and things seem to become a little clearer.

    When Maureen refuses to release Paddy or provide him answers on what she plans to do, he becomes alarmingly worried. Is this all a sex game or something much more sinister?

    A DSS investigation into the Gallaghers causes concern for Frank and Monica. Tensions arise between the two and when Frank's attempts to change the DSS inspector's mind fail. Frank desperately asks Monica to step in and win the DSS inspector back on side, but will he regret relying on Monica?

    Meanwhile Carl's suspicions about Mickey's sexuality grow, so he sets out to test which gender he is really attracted to. Tom's last ditch romantic gesture to win Debbie back has detrimental effects and Carrie decides it's time for pastures new.

  • Episode 7

    Ian returns from his travels, unaware that the car he's driving back to England harbours a secret cargo. Ian makes an even more shocking discovery when returning home to the Gallagher house to find history has repeated itself.

    It's Paddy and Mimi's anniversary. With a party planned at the Jockey and still no sign of Paddy, Mimi becomes increasingly worried about his fate.

    Debbie and Maxine's shoplifting trip goes horribly wrong when the two girls find themselves locked inside a shopping centre over night. And Shane and Kelly are horrified when they realise their private sex video is being sold around Chatsworth - but who would do such a thing?

  • Episode 8

    Paddy is back. Desperate to conceal the truth of his whereabouts, Paddy spins Mimi a lie, but he has vengeance on his mind.

    Aware that his will-power to control his enforced heroin addiction is waning, Paddy caves to his cravings and secretly shoots up. Despite his best efforts to keep his addiction from Mimi, a suspicious Kelly discovers the truth - but will she tell anyone?

    In the wake of Monica's abandonment, things are slowly returning back to normal in the Gallagher household. When Frank is informed he has inherited a home, the family celebrate a new start away from Chatsworth. To the kids' disappointment, Frank is determined Chatsworth is the place to stay.

    After Kelly resigns from Lillian's brothel, she and Shane enjoy scamming unsuspecting male clients in hotels across the city - until a sting goes horribly wrong for Shane.

    Karen applies for a wedding licence, and Jamie's suggestion of becoming part-licensee goes ignored. In retaliation, Jamie deliberately ruins her chances of gaining the licence, which results in all out war between the two.

  • Episode 9

    Following Shane's accident, no one is sure if he will ever be the same again after he is left partially paralysed. Battle lines are drawn between Mimi and Kelly as they go to war over who will help aid his recovery - with Shane trapped in the cross fire.

    How long will Kelly keep her cool with Mimi before she is forced to tell all about Patrick's addiction?

    With the departure of Monica, Norma is left contemplating her own future on the Chatsworth estate. She embarks on a journey back to her past, where an old face offers her a chance for a fresh start, but is it what Norma really wants?

    Alarm bells begin ringing for Karen when she suspects all is not right in Mandy and Joe's relationship. Karen wanders into dangerous territory when her interfering results in something she will ultimately regret.

  • Episode 10

    The Gallaghers receive a letter from Liam's school summoning both his parents to the head teacher. With Monica gone, the family are forced to pull together and appear conventional - with Norma literally taking up Monica's role.

    When they learn that Liam has earned a special scholarship, conflicts arise over who will be a responsible chaperone. To everyone's surprise Frank steps up. But could his actions jeopardise Liam's chances of a brighter future?

    Patrick becomes increasingly agitated as Mimi takes control of his addiction. Sticking to him like glue she is determined to help him get off the smack.

    Tension between Jamie and Karen reach breaking-point when Karen sacks Jamie. Jamie won't go quietly and demands his share of The Jockey in cash.

    Meanwhile, Mickey gets caught with his hands somewhere they shouldn't be and Kelly recruits a skint Meena to do Shane's physio. Will Meena's work become too physical?

  • Episode 11

    When Jamie finds out Joe has been battering Mandy, he puts Joe in hospital. With Jamie's previous murder conviction, the Maguires refuse to let him go back behind bars, so Mimi steps into the breach and takes the rap for her son.

    With Patrick feigning illness to hide his addiction and a rival clan on the horizon, this is the last thing that the Maguires need. The pressure falls on Jamie to take over the family business, but will he step up to the plate?

    Mandy is trapped in no-man's-land between Joe and her family - where do her loyalties really lie?

    Back at the Maguire's, Frank catches Patrick with a loaded syringe. Is it only a matter of time before the whole family discovers his addiction?

    Meanwhile, Debbie is struggling to manage the family on nothing, but Maxine has a cunning plan, and Micky finds himself on the wrong end of a pronged baton.

  • Episode 12

    Ian becomes angry with Liam when he discovers that he has been skipping school. He soon finds out that Danny is responsible for Liam's absence and suspects that there is more to this than meets the eye.

    All is revealed when Ian uncovers that Danny has been attempting to find his father. When Ian learns about Danny's violent past, he questions his own treatment of Danny - is he too late to stop him from doing something he'll regret?

    Patrick goes cold turkey and faces his demons, but can he come out clean and make a fresh start? And although Mimi faces an uncertain prison sentence, her main concern is Patrick's past infidelity.

    With Joe recovering, Mandy is under mounting pressure from all sides to leave him, but the decision is hers alone. And Meena takes her modelling career in a raunchy direction, much to Yvonne's disapproval.

  • Episode 13

    The Gallagher unit is rocked when an unexpected visit from the social services catches them off guard. Debbie's worst fears are confirmed when she returns from a night out to discover Liam and Stella taken into care.

    The Gallaghers fall apart, and in the aftermath Debbie unleashes her fury on Frank. This propels him on an almighty bender, but can Frank realise the solution to their problems won't be found at the bottom of a pint glass?

    Every teenage boy's fantasy becomes reality for Chesney when he is introduced to a married housewife who pops his cherry. Soon he discovers that love isn't always straightforward as he slowly unravels the truth about Lorna's intentions.

    Joe offers to drop the charges against Mimi on the condition that Mandy gets back with him. With no other options, Mandy takes Joe back with the intention to leave him as soon as the charges are dropped.

    The rest of the Maguire clan have serious doubts that Mandy will stay true to her word, while Jamie and Karen finally reconcile.

  • Episode 14

    Yvonne gets a shock when she is confronted by a ghost from her past, and the consequences aren't worth thinking about. Desperate to keep the truth from Chesney and Meena, Yvonne has to think fast.

    When it is revealed that the intentions for the revisit are motivated by money, Stan steps up and proposes definitive methods to keep the past dead and buried.

    In the battle to win back Liam and Stella, Frank becomes a domestic God and struggles to stay straight, but will his sobriety ruin their hopes of getting them back? Debbie takes a more drastic route until she realises that the answer may be only a few doors away.

    Upon her release from prison, Mimi finally breaks her silence and gives Patrick her take on the future of their marriage. Mimi is shocked when Patrick refuses to submit to her terms and their marriage reaches stalemate.

  • Episode 15

    After managing to upset everyone Frank gets cast out for the night by Debbie. He seeks shelter in a confessional booth, where he overhears a neighbour's shocking confession.

    Frank is soon unwittingly drawn into the secrets of murder, intrigue and lust of the Chatsworth residents. To tell or not to tell is a catch-22 - whatever he chooses, the consequences will be dire.

    Mimi and Patrick's marriage is beyond redemption, but the Maguire's don't see divorce as an option. Soon Mimi thinks up a solution to end the marriage for good, but will Patrick retaliate before it's too late?

    Debbie's one-night-stand, Mark, makes a surprise return. Mark begins a relentless attempt to woo her, but will Debbie let Mark into her life? Meanwhile Maxine confesses her feelings for Carl.

    When Ian announces his intentions to leave Chatsworth, Liam comes up with a plan to keep him on the estate.

  • Episode 16

    It's been a tough year for our Chatsworth residents: we've seen them survive benefit fraud, brothels, stints in jail, stings-gone-wrong, fake suicides, cold turkey, lesbian romps, lingerie parties, abandonment and a family torn apart and put back together again. What else could possibly happen?

    Patrick has lost his grip on his marriage and family - still haunted by dreams of his kidnapper, he resolves to banish his demons in order to take back control.

    A man on a mission, he tracks down the woman responsible for what he has become - Maureen. Consequently, the Maguires will never, ever be the same again.

    Frank becomes a self-styled martyr, but to his horror he discovers his child benefit has stopped. And so he sets out on a rampage of justice in an attempt to get it back.

    Meanwhile, Maxine still harbours secret feelings for an oblivious Carl. When he embarks on a VIP night out, blagging his way into an exclusive club, Maxine comes up with a plan to teach him a lesson.

    And with Mandy preparing to move in with Joe, Karen's guilt gets the better of her and she braces herself to tell Mandy her shocking secret.

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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

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