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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

Series 10 Summary

The unthinkable has happened - the Department of Work and Pensions have finally caught up with job dodger Frank. He finds himself in a nightmare fantasy on death row, he's a 'dead man walking' to... a job! Welcome back to Shameless!

  • Episode 1

    Frank's old excuses fail to wash with the Department of Work and Pensions, so, faced with losing his benefits, his hopes rest with the World of Burgers.

    Shane and Jackson launch a bootleg booze enterprise, but their product's rank and nobody is buying it. Billy offers to concoct a brew using his extraordinary sense of smell and amazingly it's a great success. But Shane is seriously hacked off. It's time to lay down the law...

    Meanwhile, Avril supplies pills to Patty, but when she refuses to give her more than her recommended dosage, Patty springs into action with a plan to steal them.

  • Episode 2

    Frank loves his new job at World of Burgers. His banter and laid-back approach win the respect of the team and sales figures increase. But his new boss Wesley isn't happy and hatches a plan to get shot of Frank in order to achieve his longed-for promotion.

    Karen embraces alternative parenting methods to deal with Connor's destructive hobby and Mimi reluctantly adopts this new approach with Cilla after hearing a few home truths.

    After overhearing Aidan making a hurtful comment Kelly decides to try to change his views on women. And Shane's search for a missing cat leads to a new experiment.

  • Episode 3

    Marty befriends a Brazilian housemaid and determines to rescue her from her life of servitude. Kelly insists it's none of their business, but that doesn't deter Marty, who liberates her with a stack of cash he was supposed to be banking for Lillian...

    Dom springs an uninvited guest on Gloria: their birth mother Hazel. There's no love lost between the two, but is it time for Gloria to extend the hand of friendship?

    And Billy's sick of people taking advantage. Karen reckons the answer to his problems is a self-help tape.

  • Episode 4

    Billy discovers a used pregnancy test after Mimi, Karen and Gloria spend the night boozing. He turns to Jamie for advice, and both of them set out to discover who's the daddy...

    Jackson is suspicious because Avril and Calum are always together after hours, but when he sneers at an invitation to go clubbing, Avril leaves him behind and makes it a night to remember.

    Aiden and Chesney collect meat for a raffle and manage to get stuck with a live cow, a guilt-ridden Shane starts watching the family of the man he's killed, and Gloria turns to Dom when she gets into trouble with a loan company.

  • Episode 5

    Consumed with guilt after the hit and run, Shane tries to makes amends by befriending Ruth, the widow of the man he killed. Blind to his identity, Ruth welcomes Shane into her life, but her troubled teenage son Shaun hates this interfering stranger.

    Meanwhile, Kelly and Lillian face tough competition when another brothel opens on the Chatsworth.

  • Episode 6

    Marty makes a life-changing decision and finds the nerve to propose to Kelly.

    Over the moon, she accepts. It's time for a proper Chatsworth party, but Kelly discovers a letter to Marty from his kids in Spain. Confused and heartbroken, she calls the wedding off. Will Marty tell her the truth?

    Jamie's evasive behaviour makes Karen suspicious. Discovering a flirty text, Karen fears that Jamie is cheating. Desperate for the truth, Karen turns to Gloria for help - unaware that Gloria is the other woman.

    With Karen closing in on Jamie, Gloria tells him it's over.

    Lillian has a vision, but can't decipher its meaning. Alone, she tries to solve the puzzle - can Lillian avert disaster on the Chatsworth Estate?

  • Episode 7

    Business is booming for Jackson and Shane, expansion is afoot and their future looks rosy. But when Jackson spots Shane giving leftover food to the homeless, all hell breaks loose.

    Billy's having trouble in the bedroom and is scared witless. It's a genuine condition, but Mimi's heartbroken, believing Billy doesn't love her any more.

    And there's more to Patty's sudden burst of generous community spirit hosting coffee mornings for old dears on the Chatsworth estate...

  • Episode 8

    When Dom receives a cryptic text from an ex in desperation it prompts a crisis of faith and he turns to Frank for some major help.

    Lillian bids farewell to another happy old man at the brothel, but he turns out to be the local magistrate who's been claiming the visits on expenses. Now in hot water, Lillian must convince a judge that she's actually a life coach.

    And the pressure is on for Letitia to lose her V plates, but she wants her first time to be special, so who will be the lucky recipient?

  • Episode 9

    Jamie must act swiftly to lay down the law and protect his family from gang threats, but it's not easy when the enemy are so well informed. Someone has to be passing the gang inside information, but who?

  • Episode 10

    In the final episode of the tenth series, it's a big day for Mimi Maguire - it's her first wedding anniversary to Billy and they're going to renew their vows.

    Determined to make a fresh start, Mimi sets about throwing away memories of her past life with Paddy, but she alienates a furious Ruby with her comments about her dad.

    An emergency meeting is held about Patty's deteriorating health and Frank takes on the task of letting her know.

    Avril and Jackson's relationship is on the rocks, but can they get their marriage back on track? Elsewhere on the Chatsworth estate, Gloria begins another scandalous affair.

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Paul Abbott's critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan

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